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  • Religious Freedom and Equality after the Elections
    Written by Uri Regev on 11/04/2019
    The 2019 Knesset elections are over, but not much has been written about their potential impact on matters of religion & state and Israel-Diaspora relations. Hiddush polling shows that approximately 2/3 of Israeli Jews would prefer a civil government that does not depend upon the ultra-Orthodox parties.

  • An increase in Haredi MKs – not in public support.
    Written by on 11/04/2019
    Hiddush provides context and more accurate understanding of what may appear to onlookers from the Diaspora as growing support for the ultra-Orthodox political parties due to the increase from 13 to 16.

  • 65% Israelis want a civil government
    Written by on 22/03/2019
    65% of the adult Jewish public wants a civil government, which is not dependent on the ultra-Orthodox parties, and which could promote freedom of religion and equality of the civic burden.

  • 52% more likely to vote for a party that commits to religious freedom
    Written by on 31/01/2019
    64% of undecided voters said that they are more likely to vote for a party that will commit itself to promoting freedom of religion and equality of civic burden. So too, 52% of the adult Jewish public.

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