Netanyahu, Stand for equality for all!

Prime Minister Netanyahu,

I wish to congratulate you on your strong stance regarding civil rights and equality in Israel in your recent speech to the AIPAC general assembly*.  However, I turn to you regarding the challenge of religious freedom in Israel.

While we are pleased with your strong commitment to the rights of other faiths in Israel, and your intolerance towards discrimination of women, it is difficult difficult to reconcile your statement with the current situation in Israel in which non-Orthodox Jews, whether Reform, Conservative or secular, are denied basic rights such as marriage if they do not conform to Orthodox criteria and rites. This is denigrating to women, discriminating against non-Orthodox and depriving most Jews by Choice of the right to marry in Israel. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens, mostly new immigrants from the former Soviet Union, are denied the right of marriage altogether.

We are proud of Israel’s Declaration of Independence that ensures “freedom of religion and conscience” as well as equality for all. We are encouraged to know that most Israelis wholeheartedly support the realization of that promise.  However, it pains us to see how far Israel still is from reaching that goal, consistently ranked lowest in freedom of religion among the world’s democracies.

We ask that you proactively stand for freedom of religion for all, rather than the power of religion for some. We ask you to commit to making your statement* a reality, as it is the will of the Jewish people, both in Israel and abroad.

Thank you.

* "Israel’s fate is to continue to be the forward position of freedom in the Middle East. The only place where minorities enjoy full civil rights; The only place where Arabs enjoy full civil rights. The only place where Christians are free to practice their faith...I will never allow anything to threaten Israel’s democratic way of life. And most especially, I will never tolerate any discrimination against women."

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