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  • Lalum threatens Yishai
    Written by on 01/03/2011
    The haredi website Kikar HaShabbat reports: The chairman of the organization Noar C'Halacha, Yoav Laloum, who headed the Immanuel campaign, warns Yishai that the fight against the discrimination of Mizrahim in education will resume

  • Summer 2010 Index
    Written by on 28/02/2011
    Religion and State Index for the second half of 2010: 80% of the Jewish public objects to new religious legislation; 75% favor decreasing funding for yeshivas

  • Anti-secular MK to be reinstated
    Written by on 07/02/2011
    A former Knesset member who once called seculars "a generation of people who look like beasts and behave like two-legged animals" is to be sworn in again Monday

  • MK Sees Israel As Enemy
    Written by on 07/02/2011
    The Hiddush organization for religious freedom and equality, published a report Monday listing many instances in which Eichner berated the secular public and the state.

  • High Court to debate constitutionality of Tal Law
    Written by on 05/02/2011
    Statistics on haredi enlistment leave justices unimpressed

  • High Court petition: Stop continued payment of stipends to kollel students
    Written by on 23/01/2011
    The National Union of Israeli Students, Hiddush, Israel Religious Action Center, and other organizations are asking the court to bar continued payment of an allowance that the High Court of Justice struck down half a year ago

  • No Increase In Oversight of Yeshivas
    Written by on 03/01/2011
    Education minister promised half a year ago to beef up supervision at haredi schools, but nothing was done. No sign of new inspectors for the independent school networks

  • Hiddush sent cabinet: Guide to the False Reforms
    Written by on 17/12/2010
    The heads of Hiddush to the ministers: ‘You’re told of a revolutionary military recruitment goal, and in practice all of the kollel students are being exempted from the draft; you’re told that the living stipend for kollel students is being restricted, but no kollel student will lose his stipend’

  • Core curriculum
    Written by on 23/11/2010
    76% think that haredi schools should teach the core curriculum.

  • Report on Gender-Segregated Buses Segregation 2010
    Written by on 15/03/2010
    2,500 Gender-Segregated Bus Rides a Day

  • Rabbis Are Leading The Religious Struggles
    Written by on 24/09/2009
    The public is not buying the claim that the shabbat militants are motivated by ethical reasons. 74% of the Jewish public: Judaism unifies, the rabbis divide. 53%: the police are handling the demonstrations too leniently.

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