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  • Israel's Religion and State conflict in the September elections
    Written by Uri Regev on 18/07/2019
    The unfolding election campaigning provides further validation to Hiddush's contention as to the major role that the clash of religion-&-state can potentially play if properly positioned in shaping Israel's future political trajectory. Avigdor Lieberman (whose political focus on "anti-halakha state" we've described in detail) continues to reap the gains.

  • Dramatic developments on Israel's political scene
    Written by Uri Regev on 20/06/2019
    Dramatic developments following the elections have validated Hiddush's pre- and post-election analysis, although it is not entirely clear yet whether the necessary lessons will be drawn by all.

  • 74% Israeli public prefers civil government coalition
    Written by on 12/06/2019
    74% of the Israeli public prefers a civil government based on a partnership between Likud and the Blue-&-White party, independent of the ultra-Orthodox parties’ dictates. 68% of the Israeli public wants the party it votes for to fight for the advancement of religious freedom and equality of the civic burden.

  • Shoresh Institution policy brief: post-election analysis
    Written by on 09/05/2019
    Last week, Prof. Ben David published a policy brief titled 'Two Wars and Demography: A Long Run View of Israel’s Recent Elections'. Its importance cannot be over-exaggerated. We can only express the hope that leaders and policymakers will take the time to study it carefully.

  • Perpetual surrender to anti-Zionistic, anti-democratic religious ideology
    Written by Uri Regev on 08/05/2019
    It is clear that a key building block in the demands of both the Haredi parties and the Union of right-wing parties is the ensuring that the non-Orthodox movements be excluded and delegitimized

  • Most Israelis prefer a unity gov't with Likud and Blue & White
    Written by on 23/04/2019
    66% of the public prefers a Likud-Blue-&-White coalition to promote freedom of religion and equality, rather than a narrow government dependent on the ultra-Orthodox.

  • Religious Freedom and Equality after the Elections
    Written by Uri Regev on 11/04/2019
    The 2019 Knesset elections are over, but not much has been written about their potential impact on matters of religion & state and Israel-Diaspora relations. Hiddush polling shows that approximately 2/3 of Israeli Jews would prefer a civil government that does not depend upon the ultra-Orthodox parties.

  • An increase in Haredi MKs – not in public support.
    Written by on 11/04/2019
    Hiddush provides context and more accurate understanding of what may appear to onlookers from the Diaspora as growing support for the ultra-Orthodox political parties due to the increase from 13 to 16.

  • 65% Israelis want a civil government
    Written by on 22/03/2019
    65% of the adult Jewish public wants a civil government, which is not dependent on the ultra-Orthodox parties, and which could promote freedom of religion and equality of the civic burden.

  • 52% more likely to vote for a party that commits to religious freedom
    Written by on 31/01/2019
    64% of undecided voters said that they are more likely to vote for a party that will commit itself to promoting freedom of religion and equality of civic burden. So too, 52% of the adult Jewish public.

  • Nearing the point of explosion!
    Written by Uri Regev on 01/03/2018
    "The storm is rising," I wrote recently. Now, I can definitely say that the situation is nearing the point of explosion! Also, this time, it is clear that the religion-state clash is an integral part of the approaching explosion.

  • The storm is rising
    Written by Uri Regev on 15/02/2018
    It seems that matters of ethics and the moral, appropriate behavior of Israel’s political leadership (in which the ancient prophets of Israel showed great interest), don't interest the Haredi parties, nor require taking a stand from the perspective of the leaders of parties that claim to represent authentic Judaism.

  • How low can Israeli politicians stoop?
    Written by Uri Regev on 17/11/2016
    Regardless of one's political view point, it seems that many Americans are still trying to recover from the language that characterized much of the Presidential election campaign and manifested itself in some post election outbursts, including racial and anti-Semitic public displays.

  • Israeli religious leaders' theological responses to the US elections
    Written by on 15/11/2016
    Some days out after the US elections, we can now take a look and share with you an angle that has not been covered by the US media, including the Jewish media. Namely, the Israeli religious "angle," both prior to and immediately after the elections. Needless to say, Hiddush, which focuses solely on issues of religion and state in Israel, is not taking a stand on the merits of the campaigns, the desirability of the candidates, the election results, nor the plethora of political post-election reactions in Israel, mostly from settlers and right-wing political party leaders.

  • L'Chayim: Uri Regev - Coalition and Orthodox
    Written by on 11/06/2015
    Uri Regev, President & CEO of “Hiddush – For Freedom of Religion and Equality,” explains why PM Netanyahu's deals with ultra-Orthodox parties to win their coalition support hurts Israeli democracy and threatens American Jewry's relationship to Israel.


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