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  • Religious Segregation
    Written by on 29/12/2011
    Rabbi Uri Regev speaks

  • Israel receives a “0” in the International Religious Freedom Index
    Written by on 14/12/2011
    Israel in the bottom quarter of the world index of religious freedom, scoring the same as Iran, Afghanistan and Russia. Hiddush head Rabbi Uri Regev: “This index shows the growing gap between the support of most Israelis for religious freedom, and the governments’ growing surrender to fundamentalist religious politicians.”

  • U.S. State Department reports limitations on religious freedom despite opposition from most citizens
    Written by on 10/10/2011
    The U.S. State Department 2010 Report on International Religious Freedom sites increasing tension in Israeli society between secular and ultra-Orthodox citizens on issues such as housing allocations, military service exemptions and allocations for religious institutions of study. The report also lists a series of cases of violence against women in terms of extreme demands for modest dress and gender separation.

  • Comparative Religion State Index
    Written by on 09/10/2011
    The Israel Democracy Index of 2011 ranks Israel alongside Saudi Arabia, China and Syria in religious freedoms, giving a grade of "0" See the Israel Democracy Institute's entire 2011 study here


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