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  • Masquerade Ball: Don't comply with the Haredi parties' demands
    Written by on 13/03/2018
    The bill presented to the Ministerial Committee on Legislation is complex and full of words, but it can be boiled down to this: any yeshiva student who does not want to enlist will not be drafted into the IDF

  • 79% Israelis oppose laws to legalize draft dodging by yeshiva students
    Written by on 05/03/2018
    A new survey reveals how strongly the Israeli public is opposed to the demand of the ultra-Orthodox parties to pass a new 'Basic Law: Torah study', as well as an amendment to the Defense Service Law to legalize the continued draft dodging of most yeshiva students.

  • The number of Haredi yeshiva students has fallen for the past 5 years
    Written by on 20/06/2016
    According to the Ministry of Education, the rise in the number of ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students has stopped, holding steady at approximately 70,000. The percentage of ultra-Orthodox men studying full-time in yeshivas dropped over the course of recent years from 61% to 50%.

  • Hiddush reveals: proposed bill to increase yeshiva stipends
    Written by on 03/11/2015
    Hiddush causes proposed bill to increase stipends for non-working yeshiva students to be widely covered by the media. Ultra-Orthodox parties demand to include many more yeshiva students, and provide them with much more funding.

  • Hiddush analysis of Israel’s state budget
    Written by Shahar Ilan on 09/09/2015
    The state budget for yeshivas is expected to grow by 419 million shekels, an increase of three-quarters. This is blow to the heart of Israel’s future, and a slap in the voters' faces.

  • Equality in Sharing the Burden in the Public Eye
    Written by on 20/09/2013
    The 2013 Religion and State Index shows extremely high support for equality in sharing the burden, but the Israeli public is split over the government's actual plan.

  • Baseless Myths about Haredim, Work, and Education
    Written by Shahar Ilan on 30/03/2011
    Haredim want to work? There’s a revolution of increased Haredi employment? Yeshiva studies improve the mind so well that graduates can learn any subject easily? Let’s not get carried away.

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