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  • Growing frictions between religion and state in Israel
    Written by on 06/04/2017
    Israel's Supreme Court has handed down two decisions that demonstrate the critical importance of an independent civil judiciary, but the Government Coalition continues to capitulate to the ultra-Orthodox political parties.

  • Theocratic rejection of Israel's civil judiciary
    Written by on 20/03/2017
    The theocratic forces among Israel's political and religious leadership have been increasingly aggressive of late, pushing to expand the jurisdiction of Israel's rabbinical courts, at the expanse of Israel's civil courts. A key element of this theocratic outlook is the rejection of the legitimacy of Israel’s laws and civil judiciary.

  • 90% dissatisfied with rabbinical courts' dealings with Agunot
    Written by on 09/03/2017
    90% of the adult Jewish public is dissatisfied with the Israeli Rabbinical Courts' way of dealing with Agunot and women whose husbands refuse to grant them divorces. 87% believe that the rabbinical courts should force husbands to grant their wives divorces in cases of domestic violence. Measuring which institutions the public trusts most, 59% of respondents trust the Supreme Court, but only 16% most trust the Rabbinate, 13% - the Knesset and 12% - the Government!

  • Landmark Supreme Court cases emblematic of Israel's religion-state divide
    Written by Uri Regev on 12/01/2017
    This week has been very busy on the legal front of religious freedom & equality in Israel. In many ways, it has been symptomatic of the intensity and diversity of the many issues confronting Israel along the religion-state divide.

  • Join Hiddush in celebrating the Festival of Freedom!
    Written by on 13/04/2014
    Hiddush is pleased to offer our friends and followers the 2014 Passover Supplement. This year, we renew the call for freedom of marriage and divorce in Israel for Israelis and all world Jewry!

  • Rabbinical Court: 4.7% rise in national divorce rate
    Written by on 29/01/2013
    Report shows 10,694 couples divorced last year; Hiddush: "Rabbinate gone bankrupt."

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