Allow More Lenient Conversions

The laws governing conversions in the democratic State of Israel, should be withdrawn completely. It is time to separate the rabbinate from the government and let all major streams of Judaism be represented as they see fit.

The conversion process should not be a monopoly of one stream of Judaism. Israel is the Jewish State for all Jews and all Jews should feel at home in Israel.

A bill is pending in the Knesset that would make the army program officially independent from the Chief Rabbinate.

We believe that this step, albeit a small step, is in the right direction and must be taken in order for Israel to continue in its quest for equality and the home of all Jews in the country.

Israel must not be held hostage to the coercion of the ultra-Orthodox parties who hold a disproportionate amount of power in the Knesset. We urge you to either use the text prepared in this email to Prime Minister Netanyahu, edit the text to your personal preference, or write your own in order to convey this important message.



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