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Fight for Freedom of Marriage

Why restrict marriage?

Israel is the only democracy in the world that severely restricts its citizens right to marry. This denies hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens of any option to get married or do so in a ceremony that is congruent with their beliefs. Additionally, two-thirds of the American Jewish community, who are either converts, a child of converts or from a intermarried family are not considered to be Jewish at all or not Jewish enough by the Chief Rabbinate's strict religious monopoly to marry in Israel.

PM Netanyahu: Fight for women’s equality!

Tanya Rosenblit lights a Hanukkiyah at the demonstration against women's exclusion, at Bet Shemesh.27.12.11. Photograph by: Uri Lentz, Flash 90. A sign that instructs women not to walk on a sidewalk near a synagogue at Bet Shemesh

 A year after the protests against gender segregation and the discrimination of women, not much has changed. Join us in the effort to make this issue a priority during the upcoming elections and in the formation of Israel’s new coalition. Call upon Prime Minister Netanyahu to act swiftly to combat gender discrimination on all fronts by ending state-funded gender segregated public transportation (in which women sit in the back of the bus) and by passing legislation that will levy heavy fines to deter those who intentionally discriminate against women in any way.

PM Netanyahu: End Discrimination!

Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Eli Yishai of Shas at the Knesset. 03.03.2010. Photo: Miriam Ulster, Flash 90 Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Eli Yishai of Shas at the Knesset. Photo: Miriam Ulster, Flash 90

Deep seeded demonization of non-Orthodox Judaism is offensive and regrettable; but when it leads to governmental policy that undermines and discriminates against major religious streams of the Jewish People in the Jewish homeland – it is intolerable and such policy and laws must be eradicated. 

We ask you to act to change the reality by adding your voice to Hiddush's vision, and by writing PM Netanyahu expressiong your view so as to translate it to social action. Together we can make a difference!

Who revoked Ruth's conversion?

Ruth Campaign 2 Who revoked Ruth's conversion?

On the eve of Shavuot, the festival hailing the biblical Ruth and celebrating conversion to Judaism, let us join in calling on PM  Netanyahu to remove the authority over conversion from those who do not want to convert,  integrate our immigrant brothers and sisters in the Jewish fold, equally recognize conversions done under the auspices  of all major religious Jewish denominations.

Allow More Lenient Conversions

Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu meets with soldiers  in his office before the IDF conversion. 15.12.2010. Photography: Amos Ben Gershom, Government Press Office via Flash 90 Prime Minister with IDF conversion candidates

The Israel Defense Forces’ conversion course, under the auspices of the army's chief rabbi, has been considered to be a more open and tolerant vehicle for conversion than those overseen by the Chief Rabbinate.

A bill is pending in the Knesset that would make the army program officially independent from the Chief Rabbinate.

We believe that this step, albeit a small step, is in the right direction and must be taken in order for Israel to continue in its quest for equality and the home of all Jews in the country.

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