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  • Dishonoring Holocaust Remembrance Day
    Written by Uri Regev on 06/05/2016
    Leading up to Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, which Israeli and Diaspora Jewish communities are marking today, the ultra-Orthodox Yated Ne'eman newspaper chose to highlight their theological linking between the State of Israel and worldwide growing anti-Semitism.

  • Video Blog: Haredi Denial of Israel's Legitimacy
    Written by on 12/04/2013
    Rabbi Uri Regev speaks about the under-discussed issue of Haredi denial of Israel's legitimacy and rule of law.

  • Hiddush calls on government coalition to cease funding of ultra-Orthodox organizations that deny the legitimacy of the State of Israel
    Written by on 10/04/2013
    The request comes in light of the fiery attack by Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Halberstam, leader of the Tzanz Chasidic dynasty on the State of Israel and its national symbols. Hiddush CEO Rabbi Regev: these outbursts continue to reveal the prevalence and deep-seated rejection of the legitimacy of the State of Israel amongst ultra-Orthodox rabbis and community leaders.

  • Ultra-Orthodox children's paper excludes Israeli flag
    Written by on 30/04/2012
    An ultra-Orthodox paper in Israel, written in Hebrew, features a story on the history of flags from across the globe. But where is the Israeli flag, where all of these children live?

  • Erasing Israel
    Written by on 30/04/2012
    Hiddush comments on ultra-Orthodox kid's magazine which excludes Israel's flag from its feature on world flags

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