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  • What's at the heart of the current election campaign?
    Written by on 18/02/2021
    All the relevant political players understand that issues of religion and state are at the heart of the election battle and will be key elements in the negotiations that will be undertaken following the elections.

  • A coalition that will escalate Jewish disunity
    Written by Uri Regev on 18/05/2020
    Netanyahu, Gantz and their partners know that this ongoing surrender to the ultra-Orthodox parties is in complete betrayal of the Israeli public’s will, including that of their own voters.

  • What to expect of a Gantz-Netanyahu government
    Written by Uri Regev on 26/03/2020
    Hiddush's response to the tremendous and impactful political upheaval that is taking place in Israel right now, with Benny Gantz agreeing to join a government led by Bibi Netanyahu.

  • Israeli elections: insights and lessons
    Written by on 06/03/2020
    Hiddush is non-partisan, and it does not take a stand regarding the political clash between the left- and right-wing, and we refrain from endorsing political parties or discouraging people from voting for any particular party. Our focus is solely on the pursuit of religious freedom and equality. With that in mind, some preliminary observations are important as we assess the significance and causes of the election outcome.

  • A fight for the soul and future of Israel like no other since 1948
    Written by on 24/10/2019
    The passing of Israel’s cherished former Supreme Court Chief Justice Shamgar (laid to rest this week) reminds us of the lingering threat to Israel’s Supreme Court and to its rule of law.

  • Will there be a "Mahapach" [upheaval]?
    Written by Uri Regev on 08/09/2019
    Since 1977, when the Right first won the Israeli elections, and the Israeli "Mr. TV" Haim Yavin, who has led the newscast since 1968, opened the election broadcast with the words: "There's a mahapach (upheaval)!" there haven’t been many elections that had the potential of producing another “upheaval”.

  • 63% want a civil Coalition without Haredi parties
    Written by on 21/02/2019
    After the drama and the clarification of the political map, the public expects to hear more than rhetoric from the right and the left. The Jewish public wants the parties to promote freedom of religion and equality of the burden - not just crumbs such as providing public transportation on the Sabbath.

  • Hiddush calls for prevention of peyot-shaving incidents in the IDF
    Written by on 03/11/2013
    Push for standardized notification of right to grow side locks comes after at least two haredi soldiers complained in recent months that IDF barbers had shaved their peyot.

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