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  • Terror and Religion
    Written by Uri Regev on 31/03/2022
    As expected, the terrorist attacks of recent days have led to many reactions – some violent and harsh towards Arabs; some directly involving religion.

  • Hiddush standing up in defense of Chabad
    Written by on 13/08/2020
    Following demands by Or Yehudah municipal inspectors to local residents to remove a Chabad "Messiah Flag" from their home windows, threatening them with fines if not removed, Hiddush demanded that the municipality retract the illegal demand and ensure that similar measures be avoided in the future.

  • Chabad's illegal outreach at Ben Gurion Airport
    Written by on 19/06/2018
    Chabad Lubavitch is a unique phenomenon in Jewish history and the Jewish community. Much can and should be said in their praise, but at the same time, it should be recognized that both theologically and operationally they are highly controversial.

  • Hiddush on the battlefront
    Written by on 03/05/2018
    This week we started action on behalf of a former Haredi man who is serving in the IDF and faces discrimination, as well as on behalf of a school and a PTA who have confronted a zealous religious fundamentalist who is trying to tempt their students to "experience Judaism" his way.

  • Contradictory messages exuding from the State of Israel to Diaspora Jewry
    Written by Uri Regev on 21/08/2016
    This week, two reports were published in the media, which directly contradicted Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs and Education Naftali Bennett's words just last month: "The State of Israel belongs to all the Jews of the world.

  • Ultra-Orthodox parties' history of voters' faith manipulation
    Written by on 22/12/2014
    Since 1988, the ultra-Orthodox parties have been promising rabbinic blessings, making threats and gifting "mystical" amulets to voters who commit to support them in the elections. The Knesset and the Supreme Court have set legal prohibitions against this, but the bribery and manipulation has continued.

  • Hiddush heads the opposition against recognizing Chabad's emissary work as Israeli national service
    Written by on 13/01/2014
    In response to MK Elazar Stern's proposal to include Chabad emissaries in Israel's national service program, Rabbi Regev says: An anti-Zionist movement cannot represent the State of Israel.

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