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  • Chief Rabbi Yosef: Science, math are nonsense
    Written by on 01/07/2021
    Every week we receive reminders that the Chief Rabbinate's institution poses a danger to the State of Israel. This time it is the Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, the son of the late Chief Rabbi and Shas leader, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

  • Jerusalem Post Op-ed: It's time to retire the Chief Rabbinate
    Written by Uri Regev on 23/07/2013
    On July 24, a voting body made up of 150 rabbis, politicians and community leaders will decide who will be the next Sephardi and Ashkenazi chief rabbis of Israel. What is this coercive institution doing to Israeli Judaism?

  • Promising ‘Real Revolution,’ Israeli Jolts Race for Chief Rabbi
    Written by on 21/07/2013
    A moderate candidate for Israel's Chief Rabbinate hopes to change from within, but many critics of the institution are calling for its retirement.

  • Where does Yesh Atid stand on freedom of marriage?
    Written by Uri Regev on 06/03/2013
    Yair Lapid and his party, Yesh Atid, have expressed support for Jewish pluralism in Israel in an unprecedented manner. However, they also endorsed Rabbi David Stav, a Religious-Zionist Rabbi from the Tzohar Rabbinic Organization, as the candidate for Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi. Yesh Atid and Rabbi Stav hold seemingly divergent views on pluralism and freedom of marriage in Israel. So how does this all add up?

  • Israel's Other Impending Election
    Written by Uri Regev on 05/02/2013
    David Stav Offers Illusion of Pluralism in Chief Rabbi Fight

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