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  • Interview with CEO of UJA Federation New York
    Written by on 07/05/2020
    An interview with Eric Goldstein, CEO of UJA Federation New York [ESG], regarding the complex relationship between American Jewry / the NY Jewish Federation and Israel, the attitude toward Haredim, pluralism, the non-Orthodox streams, religion and state, marriage and ‘Who is a Jew’. Kikar Ha’Shabat representative, Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt, conducted the interview [RBG].

  • Religion & State was front and center at the 2017 General Assembly
    Written by on 17/11/2017
    The religion-state stew is clearly boiling. This week, the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America convened in Los Angeles, and these challenges were front and center.

  • Hiddush advocates for religious freedom in the Davis Cup
    Written by on 18/08/2013
    Israeli Tennis Association agreed to compensate the Beligan Tennis Association more than $13,000 to avoid playing on Yom Kippur. Rabbi Uri Regev: The tournament scheduling must respect freedom of religious expression.

  • US Jews must fight Israel’s policy on religious freedom
    Written by Uri Regev on 01/08/2012
    Recent actions of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate threaten to divide the Jewish people and risk an anti-religious backlash against Judaism itself within the Jewish state. Of particular concern is the monopoly of the Chief Rabbinate over issues of personal status – particularly marriage, divorce, burial, and conversion to Judaism.

  • What’s Missing from Real Dialogue between Israel and Diaspora Jewry?
    Written by on 09/05/2012
    What conversations are we refusing to have? We must understand that our unity can only be based on a celebration of diversity, even when it involves difficult controversy.

  • Recommit to Israel's Founding Vision
    Written by on 11/04/2009
    Israel was established on the basis of religious freedoms; where do we go from here?

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