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  • Dancing to protest
    Written by on 07/12/2011
    Ultra-Orthodox groups threaten a dance studio because the dancing is not “modest”; dancers respond by lifting their shades and dancing in public.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg shows “How Israel Can Stop Alienating American Jews”
    Written by on 06/12/2011
    Jeffrey Goldberg suggests several ideas as to “How Israel Can Stop Alienating American Jews”, including showing respect for diverse Jewish expression and ending ultra-Orthodox discrimination

  • MK Livnat: Ministerial Committee on the Status of Women will be convened
    Written by on 28/11/2011
    Debates rage on as discrimination of women and erasing them from public spheres continues, with disagreement between head of the Ministerial Committee on the Status of Women and Shas minister Mashulam Nahari

  • Keeping women visible
    Written by on 17/11/2011
    Rabbi Uri Regev remarks on the removal of women from the public sphere.

  • Discrimination, Repression
    Written by on 13/11/2011
    Increasing gender segregation and discrimination against women, JTA covers Hiddush’s study of bus lines that force women to the back of the bus

  • Haredi Men at Work
    Written by on 13/11/2011
    JTA examines the potential integration of ultra-Orthodox men into the workforce, quoting Shahar Ilan on the challenges of population growth

  • 91% of Jewish religious population: Gender segregation is distortion of Judaism.
    Written by on 10/11/2011
    According to a survey by the Smith Institute for Hiddush, 89% of the Jewish public in Israel sees recent controversies over gender segregation in the streets of Mea Shearim and on bus lines as a distortion of Judaism (42%) or extremely unnecessary (47%).

  • Making Girls Invisible
    Written by on 10/11/2011
    Gender segregation affects children as well, as companies “sell women’s status for more ultra-Orthodox members,”

  • Charge on priest quashed
    Written by on 31/10/2011
    Shahar Ilan calls on haredi leaders to denounce spitting at Christian clergy. “The haredi leadership has to understand a Jewish state brings responsibility."

  • We want Azaria!
    Written by on 26/10/2011
    Yerushalmim member expelled for petitioning High Court against gender separation.

  • Hiddush to the Treasury: Transfer allocated funds to recruit ultra-Orthodox men
    Written by on 24/10/2011
    Knesset working group discovers that recruitment of 200 ultra-Orthodox men was rejected because the Treasury is unwilling to fulfill commits to pay. Rabbi Uri Regev: “Recruiting ultra-Orthodox men is an investment in the economy, not rivaled by many.” Calls on ultra-Orthodox political parties to join the struggle

  • Discriminatory zoning laws
    Written by on 16/10/2011
    Zoning laws that would close business early because of haredi pressures.

  • Trajtenberg Committee Recommends Compulsory core curriculum, limiting the study of young men in yeshiva.
    Written by on 26/09/2011
    The Trajtenberg Committee, appointed by the Prime Minister to address the public’s concern on socio-economic issues, has released its findings. They have made bold recommendations, asking to require ultra-Orthodox schools to utilize core curriculum, and limit publicly funded yeshiva study to five years except in the case of prodigies. CEO Rabbi Uri Regev called for Netanyahu to implement the recommendations in full and stave off pressures from ultra-Orthodox political parties.

  • Israel 2021 Conference Confronts Ultra-Orthodox Workplace Integration
    Written by on 22/09/2011
    Although not part of the scheduled program, many speakers at the Israel 2021 conference sponsored by The Marker newspaper emphasized the necessity of ultra-Orthodox integration into the workforce as a means of socio-economic stability for the country as a whole.

  • U.S. Ambassador: Integration of Ultra-Orthodox American Interest
    Written by on 21/09/2011
    Ambassor Dan Shapiro: It is important to help the ultra-Orthodox population succeed economically. A strong Israel will help the United States, and vice-versa

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