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  • Hiddush's research and advocacy results in greater female representation in Israel's religious establishment
    Written by on 09/06/2014
    Hiddush's consistent efforts to implement gender equality in Israel's religious establishment and surrounding research have begun to pay off.

  • Media Review: A significant rise in reporting on Israel's marriage crisis
    Written by on 20/10/2013
    In the past few months, thanks to cooperative efforts between Hiddush and other like-minded organizations in Israel and America, the issue of freedom of marriage has been extensively covered in Israeli and international media.

  • The battle against illegal religious campaign tactics in Israel's municipal elections
    Written by on 17/10/2013
    Hiddush has filed complaints against several ultra-Orthodox parties and institutions for illegally using religious methods as a means to secure votes in the 2013 municipal elections.

  • Jerusalem mayoral candidate Moshe Leon hopes to replicate Olmert's success
    Written by on 15/10/2013
    If secular voters stay at home while the ultra-Orthodox unite behind him, Leon has a shot at becoming mayor, just as Olmert did two decades ago.

  • Jerusalem Post Editorial: Dissolve the rabbinate
    Written by on 29/09/2013
    The 2013 Religion and State Index showed that 70% of Israeli Jews oppose the Chief Rabbinate in its current form. That includes Israelis from all over the Jewish spectrum. This time, it's the Jerusalem Post Editorial Board calling for the desperately-needed change.

  • Video Blog: Tisha B'av and religious freedom
    Written by on 17/07/2013
    Hiddush's message for Tisha B'av in favor of equality and against theocracy.

  • Latest arrests of Women of the Wall Continue Despicable Tradition
    Written by on 11/02/2013
    10 women from Women of the Wall were detained for interrogation after finishing their prayers at the Kotel in honor of the new Jewish month.

  • Sharing the Burden
    Written by on 05/02/2013
    A more egalitarian approach to sharing in civic duties should be worked out for the next Knesset term.

  • Arresting WOW Leaders isn't the Answer
    Written by on 24/10/2012
    On October 16th, Anat Hoffman of "Women of the Wall" was arrested as she led a monthly Rosh Hodesh prayer service at the Western Wall. On November 15th, six WOW leaders were detained. It's time to face the bigger picture.

  • Same-sex marriage
    Written by on 03/06/2012
    Rabbi Uri Regev commends moves by the Conservative Movement to work toward equality in marriage

  • Hiddush VP testifies: No partner in ultra-Orthodox leadership
    Written by on 03/06/2012
    Hiddush Vice President Shahar Ilan testified last week before the Plesner Committee on Equal Sharing of Civic Burdens. “Anyone who thinks there is a respected ultra-Orthodox authority who is ready to encourage yeshiva students to serve should suggest him. Even Rav Shteinman, presented as a moderate, leads the fight against compulsory service."

  • A new plan
    Written by on 31/05/2012
    Hiddush calls for obligatory service for all citizens, with financial sanctions for yeshiva students who refuse to serve

  • Slow but steady?
    Written by on 01/05/2012
    Shahar Ilan tells the Jerusalem Post that rise of ultra-Orthodox men into the army is happening too slowly

  • Emerging middle class?
    Written by on 05/04/2012
    “There is a limit to what you can achieve with just carrots,” Shahar Ilan, Hiddush Vicep President says. “There is a need for pressure as well."

  • Government Failure
    Written by on 03/04/2012
    Hiddush’s Director, Reform Rabbi Uri Regev, that the only way to deal with the issue is for Likud and Kadima to form a “civilian government”

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