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  • Survey: recognition of non-Jewish family members under Law of Return
    Written by on 06/01/2020
    62% of Israel’s adult Jewish public does not consider religious conversion through the Chief Rabbinate as a necessary condition for recognizing the Jewishness of immigrants who are the family members of Jews but whose mothers are not Jewish.

  • The number of non-Jewish family members making Aliyah
    Written by on 27/12/2019
    Hiddush's publication of Israel's immigration numbers of non-Jewish family members under the Law of Return, as provided by the Population and Immigration Authority [PIA] in response to our Freedom of Information demands, caused quite the media storm this week. This resulted in the Authority retracting from their own data, and changing it drastically.

  • 6 out of 7 Israeli immigrants not recognized as Jews
    Written by on 23/12/2019
    6 out of 7 immigrants to Israel in recent years - are not considered Jews according to Halacha (Jewish religious law). These data come from the Population and Immigration Authority’s response to Hiddush’s Freedom of Information Act request.

  • Former chief rabbi calls Reform Jews worse than Holocaust deniers
    Written by on 06/09/2017
    The chief rabbi of Jerusalem, Shlomo Amar, called Reform Jews worse than Holocaust deniers because they reject traditional Jewish law.

  • The majority of Jewish and Arab Israelis support marriage freedom
    Written by on 14/02/2017
    72% of Jewish Israelis and 76% of Arab Israelis support the statement that "every resident [of Israel] has the right to get married in Israel with whomever he chooses, in whatever way he chooses, and according to his beliefs."

  • Hiddush Polling: Majority of Secular Israelis unopposed to freedom of marriage
    Written by on 04/03/2013
    Hiddush releases public opinion statistics on freedom of marriage on the eve of Knesset lobby for Civil Equality and Pluralism. Rabbi Regev, Hiddush CEO: "We should not miss this historic opportunity created the recent elections to establish civil marriage in Israel."

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