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  • Testify
    Written by on 31/05/2012
    Hiddush Vice President Shahar Ilan testifies in the Knesset on Hidduh's proposal for ultra-Orthodox army recruitment

  • Against hatred
    Written by on 21/05/2012
    Rabbi Uri Regev stands up against the hate speech of Rav Shteinman, who says non-Jews are brainless thieves

  • Shabbat buses
    Written by on 01/05/2012
    Hiddush and the youth forum "Bamah" team up to rally for public transportation on Shabbat

  • Ultra-Orthodox children's paper excludes Israeli flag
    Written by on 30/04/2012
    An ultra-Orthodox paper in Israel, written in Hebrew, features a story on the history of flags from across the globe. But where is the Israeli flag, where all of these children live?

  • Erasing Israel
    Written by on 30/04/2012
    Hiddush comments on ultra-Orthodox kid's magazine which excludes Israel's flag from its feature on world flags

  • Don’t Enlist!
    Written by on 29/12/2011
    Rabbi Uri Regev speaks against Rav Elyashiv’s command to ultra-Orthodox to avoid army

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