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  • IDF Draft controversy renews pressure to muzzle the Supreme Court
    Written by on 19/06/2018
    As many who follow Israel's political life know, cries of "wolf, wolf!" foretelling of the government’s imminent collapse are common. Two such crises are on the horizon now.

  • The Lesson For Diaspora Jews In Israel’s Deplorable Conversion Law
    Written by on 05/06/2018
    The best that can be said about the proposed State Conversion Bill is that it is destined to be thrown away into the waste bin that Israeli politics has designated for the recommendations of committees appointed mostly to put out political fires. The proposal is not only a slap in the face, disguised with a smile, to the non-Orthodox streams, but it also angers the ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) politicians.

  • Inching closer to the next "Who is a Jew" explosion
    Written by Uri Regev on 24/05/2018
    This week, additional information leaked as to the nature of Moshe Nissim's recommendations regarding a new conversion bill. As our readers may remember, Moshe Nissim was appointed by PM Netanyahu to do damage control after Diaspora Jewry’s uproar last June when the government ceded to the demands of the ultra-Orthodox parties to pass a conversion bill aimed at preempting a pluralistic Supreme Court ruling in a pending case. This bill would further entrench the Orthodox monopoly over conversions performed in Israel.

  • The conversion draft bill is a land mine!
    Written by Uri Regev on 24/04/2018
    "The minefields of Israel's religion and state arena and Israel-Diaspora relations will explode in the coming days," Rabbi Uri Regev responded to reports about the upcoming legislative initiative on conversion, based on the recommendations of former minister Moshe Nissim.

  • Netanyahu taps ex-justice minister to review conversion policy
    Written by on 17/08/2017
    Moshe Nissim, 82, a former chief rabbi’s son, will work to ensure ‘Jewish unity’ in studying controversial bill

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