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  • The Imminent Political/Legal Explosion
    Written by on 05/06/2020
    The ultra-Orthodox parties have pushed hard on the Prime Minister in their coalition negotiations. The amendment to the Draft Law is the only issue of religion and state relations that is spelled out in detail, not only in the agreements of the ultra-Orthodox parties with the Likud, but also in the Likud's agreement with Blue & White.

  • On the legal front
    Written by Uri Regev on 04/06/2020
    Hiddush's activism in the legal arena has continued in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, as Israel's new government has been settling in. There will be much to do in the face of the ultra-Orthodox party's stranglehold over Israel's religion-and-state arena!

  • Likud Minister fed up with Haredi ultimatums
    Written by on 23/05/2018
    Our readers have come to expect Hiddush underscoring the unacceptability of ultra-Orthodox political shenanigans, extortion and coercion. However, this week, we heard comparable sentiments expressed by a leading Government Coalition member - Likud Minister Akunis.

  • Petition to Halt Funding to 10,000 Avreichim
    Written by on 31/07/2013
    Hiddush attorney Uri Regev tells the court that the state is acting in a discriminatory faction by permitting yeshiva students to push off their service while others do not receive such an option.

  • Israel Cancels Draft Orders for Thousands of Haredim
    Written by on 31/07/2013
    The State’s response to the petitions filed by the Movement for Quality of Government, Hiddush Association for Religious Freedom and Equality and other organizations noted that many steps were taken in order to promote the draft bill

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