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  • Supreme Court rules on illegal writs of refusal from rabbinical court
    Written by on 19/07/2016
    The Supreme Court required the Attorney General's office to decide soon whether or not to file charges against the judges of the private, ultra-Orthodox rabbinical court who issued an excommunication notice to a Haredi resident Elad who are also suspected of blackmail, threatening private citizens, and obstruction of justice.

  • Supreme Court hears Hiddush petition against coercive rabbinical court
    Written by on 26/07/2015
    Justice Mazuz: “The ‘Writs of Refusal’ are intended to deny a person his rights as a man and a citizen by blocking his/her way to State institutions (i.e. - the courts) that can render him remedy in realizing his rights.”

  • Battle for Democracy at Supreme Court
    Written by on 17/11/2014
    Hiddush fighting for democracy in Israel at the Supreme Court, Hiddush analyzing religion-state preferences of the Israeli electorate, and Hiddush discovering that the Ministry of Education has delayed implementing the core curriculum in ultra-Orthodox schools

  • Israel's High Court Unanimously Agrees with Hiddush
    Written by on 14/11/2014
    November 12 marked a major, promising step in our battles that will surely become a landmark legal case on the road to ensuring Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state. Privately issued "writs of refusal" excommunicating those who turn to Israel's legal system for justice are illegal - the private rabbinical courts continue acting illegally in defiance of the law.

  • Hiddush Turns to AG Over Rabbinical Backing for Sruly Porush
    Written by on 14/10/2013
    Hiddush sent a letter of protest to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein which addresses announced rabbinical support for Elad mayoral candidate Sruly Porush.

  • Excommunication
    Written by on 30/05/2013
    Hiddush filed a Supreme Court petition against Beit Din excommunications and continues the ongoing battle for freedom of marriage.

  • Hiddush petitions to the Supreme Court against rabbinical courts' excommunication practices
    Written by on 20/05/2013
    In a landmark case, Hiddush petitioned to the Israeli Supreme Court on behalf of an ultra-Orthodox resident of Elad to annul the writ of refusal issued by a rabbinical court for filing a case in Israel's civil courts.

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