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  • Hiddush fighting for pluralism in Jerusalem
    Written by on 16/07/2020
    The Jerusalem Municipality deleted the list of synagogues in the city from the municipality's website in order to avoid publicizing non-Orthodox synagogues and non-Jewish houses of worship.

  • Excluding non-Orthodox and non-Jewish from municipality website is illegal!
    Written by on 25/02/2020
    Hiddush – For Religious Freedom and Equality submitted a petition to court, challenging the Jerusalem Municipality’s illegal exclusion of those synagogues that represent Reform, Conservative, egalitarian Orthodox, and other independent Jewish communities, as well as non-Jewish religious institutions (primarily Muslim and Christian) from the “Religion and Tradition” section of the municipal website, which only includes information about Orthodox synagogues and institutions.

  • An open letter to Natan Sharansky
    Written by Uri Regev on 16/07/2016
    Mr. Sharansky, you praised the rabbinate for “connecting the Jewish state with Judaism.” Sadly, you are wrong, for the monopolistic and coercive rabbinate is alienating Israeli Jews from Judaism.

  • Separate but equal in Israel? Why should this be considered okay?
    Written by Uri Regev on 16/06/2016
    Serious questions should arise, regarding the ongoing challenge of equal rights and access for the non-Orthodox movements Israel, which continues to follow the path of this unconstitutional principle of "separate but equal."

  • Religious politicians abuse their authority
    Written by Uri Regev on 28/01/2016
    The Education Ministry has frozen budgeted funds for non-Orthodox and secular education initiatives. The religious politicians abuse their authority, and pour millions into one-sided brainwashing efforts. It’s time for Israeli and Diaspora leaderships to declare: Judaism, pluralism, Jewish Peoplehood and democracy are too important to be left at the mercy of sectarian interests,

  • Reuven Rivlin called Reform Judaism 'idol worship'
    Written by on 27/05/2014
    Israeli presidential candidate's 1989 visit to an American Reform synagogue was marked by his disrespectful statements about non-Orthodoxy Jewry.

  • Support for Religious Pluralism is on the Rise!
    Written by on 10/09/2013
    As a part of Hiddush's latest coverage of the 2013 Religion and State Index, Rabbi Uri Regev presents a few telling statistics on the status of Jewish pluralism in Israel.

  • Support for Jewish Pluralism is on the Rise!
    Written by on 10/09/2013
    The 2013 Religion and State Index shows that are growing number of Israelis support equal recognition for non-Orthodox rabbis and marriages.

  • 2013: The year that Religion and State finally took center stage
    Written by Stanley P. Gold on 09/09/2013
    Hiddush Chair Stanley Gold and CEO Rabbi Uri Regev introduce the 2013 Religion and State Index, highlighting some of the most fascinating religion and state trends in Israel.

  • The Torturous Track to Marriage in Israel
    Written by on 31/07/2013
    This week's video blog highlights a Channel 10 News exposé on the Orthodox monopoly on marriage in Israel.

  • In Israel, no such thing as a civil marriage
    Written by on 12/06/2013
    Hundreds of thousands of Israelis ineligible to wed. 'Getting married is a basic right that every citizen should have,' says non-Jewish woman who immigrated to Israel from Ukraine

  • Video Blog: Freedom of Marriage World Map Launch!
    Written by on 29/04/2013
    Hiddush launched the first-of-its-kind Freedom of Marriage World Map with the hope for freedom of marriage in Israel

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