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  • Vision Statement: Israel as a Jewish democratic state
    Written by on 24/02/2020
    The following statement is issued by a diverse group of Jews in Israel and the Diaspora*, all of whom greatly admire and appreciate the tremendous achievements of the State of Israel. We, who are committed to Israel’s growing strength and vitality, as well as its bonds with world Jewry, hold that Israel's unfulfilled promise of complete freedom of religion and conscience can no longer be left to politics alone.

  • Ultra-Orthodox IDF enlistment postponed by 4 months
    Written by on 30/07/2013
    State explains that the delay will facilitate passing the ‘Burden of Equality’ law for Haredi military or national service

  • Say no to unfair housing subsidies!
    Written by on 26/01/2012
    Hiddush Petition against suggested guidelines for affordable housing that blatantly favor ultra-Orthodox applicants

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