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  • All time high in yeshiva student numbers: about 114,000
    Written by on 22/02/2012
    How many new publicly funded yeshiva students have there been in the past two year? The answer: 11,000. And how many new yeshiva students have either enlisted in the army or national service increased by only 500.

  • Hiddush commends Supreme Court ruling on Tal Law
    Written by on 22/02/2012
    Today’s historic Supreme Court ruling, by a majority of 6:3, voided the “Tal Law” and said mass exemption of Yeshiva students from military service must be stopped

  • Fact Sheet on Army Evasion
    Written by on 08/02/2012
    Percentage of Growth of Exemptions Given to Yeshiva Students since the Founding of the State: 15,000%. Number of Yeshiva Students Who Evaded the Draft Last Year: 8,500

  • 15,000% Growth in army exemptions for yeshiva students since 1948
    Written by on 08/02/2012
    Number of current yeshiva students receiving deferments estimated at 58,000. Hiddush President Adv. Rabbi Uri Regev: “Any extension of the Tal Law does a huge disservice to the proud concept of the Peoples’ Army. The public will not tolerate continued discrimination in favor of the ultra-Orthodox; any extension will see great consequences in the next election.”

  • Picture of Maj. Gen. Orna Babibay erased from ultra-Orthodox paper
    Written by on 25/01/2012
    The face of the head of Human Resources for the IDF was completely erased, while her body remained on a Knesset panel discussion the Tal Law.

  • Rabbi Regev says: Torpedo Netanyahu’s extension to the Tal Law
    Written by on 17/01/2012
    The Tal Law, which intended to provide ultra-Orthodox men a means to fulfill military or civil service, has been called “a miserable farce” by MK Nitzan Horowitz. Rabbi Regev says “Any extension in the law beyond a year will be rewarding the law’s failure and encourage draft dodging.”

  • Secular lifestyle in danger?
    Written by on 08/01/2012
    Shahar Ilan speaks to The National about the challenges Israel faces with growing haredi populations

  • Shahar Program must stay
    Written by on 04/01/2012
    Hiddush polling shows effectively of the ultra-Orthodox joining the army

  • Don’t Enlist!
    Written by on 29/12/2011
    Rabbi Uri Regev speaks against Rav Elyashiv’s command to ultra-Orthodox to avoid army

  • Elyashiv: No Integreation
    Written by on 28/12/2011
    Rabbi Uri Regev says: “The number one leader is trying to prevent yeshiva students [from] gaining an education and going out to work.”

  • In 2059, the ultra-Orthodox will make up between 23% and 40% of Israel’s population, says Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics
    Written by on 19/12/2011
    Shahar Ilan, Hiddush Vice President: "Any government that doesn’t work to integrate ultra-Orthodox into society sells out our children's future, the future of Zionism and the future of those ultra-Orthodox children"

  • Attempt to allow voluntary segregation of buses fails
    Written by on 18/12/2011
    A bus was delayed half an hour after a woman refused to give in to ultra-Orthodox demans to sit in the back. CEO of Hiddush, Rabbi Uri Regev says: Ultra-Orthodox zealots enforce bus segregation with violence

  • ADL denounces ultra-Orthodox spitting at Christian clergymen
    Written by on 12/12/2011
    The ADL reached out to Chief Rabbis Amar and Metzger, asking them to condemn violent acts from their ultra-Orthodox constituents toward Christian clergy

  • Most who will receive housing subsidies are ultra-Orthodox
    Written by on 24/07/2011
    More than half of housing subsidies will defacto be given to ultra-Orthodox residents, who make up less than 10% of the general population in Israel. Housing Minister Ariel Atias continues to design biased systems instead of fair ones.

  • Elad Poster Outs Couple for Immodest Behavior
    Written by on 30/05/2011
    A pashkevil went up over the weekend in Elad, warning the public about a woman and man who did “grave deeds:” Elad is a religious city outside of Petach Tikva.

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