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  • The Chief Rabbinate's anti-Christmas policy
    Written by Uri Regev on 29/12/2015
    The ban on placing Christmas trees in hotels is but one example of the many ways that the rabbinate disregards the law and extorts submission to its norms in breach of the law.

  • Israel's Rabbinate coerces and discriminates in hotels
    Written by on 21/12/2015
    Despite officially and publicly updating its kashrut regulations for hotels this year, in order to be in compliance with the law, Israel's Rabbinate continues to coerce hotels to enforce Shabbat restrictions and its illegal ban against all Christian holiday symbols.

  • Chief Rabbi Lau's blatant anti-pluralism hypocrisy
    Written by Uri Regev on 16/12/2015
    Last week, Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau publicly rebuked Naftali Bennett, Israel’s minister of education and Diaspora affairs. Bennett’s religious sin, per Lau, was visiting the Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan, and tweeting an enthusiastic reflection of the school and the love for Israel and Judaism that he had seen there.

  • Chief Rabbi Lau publicly anti-Diaspora Judaism
    Written by Uri Regev on 13/12/2015
    It is difficult to conceive of a greater contradiction than that between Chief Rabbi David Lau’s outrageous statement last week, lashing out at Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s visit to the Conservative Movement’s Schechter School in Manhattan, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s welcome declaration at last month’s General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, where he stated that he would “ensure that all Jews – Reform, Conservative and Orthodox – feel at home in Israel.”

  • Chief Rabbinate perverting Sukkot with religious bigotry
    Written by Uri Regev on 06/10/2015
    Only one year ago, Chief Rabbi Lau self-righteously preached to the Pope, proclaiming Israel's greatness in protection of religious freedom, and now he himself aimed to curtail Christian prayer services in Jerusalem.

  • Revealing interview with Chief Rabbi David Lau
    Written by Uri Regev on 08/09/2015
    Chief Rabbi David Lau reminds us once again why the mindset of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate is so misguided and objectionable. His manipulative approach is rejected throughout the Jewish diaspora and nowhere throughout the democratic Jewish communities would such “logic” hold water.

  • Revolution in Rabbinate’s Kashrut Regulations, following Hiddush’s Battle
    Written by on 08/03/2015
    The Chief Rabbinate updates its kashrut regulations for hotels, hostels and event halls to be in accordance with Israeli law. Finally, kashrut certification will only be granted upon the basis of whether the food is kosher or not!

  • Uri Regev, Religious Pluralism in Israel on L'Chayim
    Written by on 13/02/2015
    Rabbi Uri Regev, President and CEO of Hiddush which promotes freedom of observance and equality in Israel, discusses the problems of marital laws in the State of Israel due to the control of the Orthodox establishment. L'Chayim with Mark S. Golub.

  • Private kosher certification: Integrity or Fraud?
    Written by David Bogomolny on 24/11/2014
    A small revolution is under way in Jerusalem - activist Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz has founded a private kosher certification organization called Hashgacha Pratit, and is challenging the Chief Rabbinate's monopoly on kosher certification in Israel.

  • Jerusalem Chief Rabbis - Why were they elected?
    Written by on 23/10/2014
    After the elections for chief rabbis of Jerusalem, all that remains is to hope that the new Chief Rabbis not cause lasting damage to Judaism and the residents of Jerusalem.

  • Hiddush analysis shows Israelis are increasingly marrying abroad to avoid Chief Rabbinate monopoly
    Written by on 24/08/2014
    Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics recently published select data on marriages of Israelis in Israel and abroad. The Chief Rabbinate was quick to declare that the data proves that 96% of Israeli Jews marry through them. Hiddush's analysis of the data shows the full picture.

  • Hiddush's research and advocacy results in greater female representation in Israel's religious establishment
    Written by on 09/06/2014
    Hiddush's consistent efforts to implement gender equality in Israel's religious establishment and surrounding research have begun to pay off.

  • Hypocrisy and self-righteousness?
    Written by on 02/06/2014
    Should Israelis and world Jewry be satisfied with the chief rabbis’ pronouncements during Pope Francis’s recent visit to Israel? On the surface, the answer is “yes.”

  • MK Stern's Conversion Proposal will extend and strengthen the Orthodox conversion monopoly
    Written by on 19/03/2014
    Hiddush's criticism of the latest law proposal to reform Israel's conversion system is joined by unlikely choir of varying vantage points.

  • Rabbi Uri Regev's op-ed (in French): Freedom of Marriage is an issue for Jews all around the world!
    Written by on 24/02/2014
    Rabbi Uri Regev writes in the Jewish Liberal Movement in France's Tenoua Magazine about Israel's marriage crisis and how Jews from Israel, France, and all over the world are affected

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