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  • In the Legal Trenches: The State Appeals Marriage Rulings
    Written by on 10/11/2022
    After resounding victories in the Administrative Courts the State Attorney's Office refused to accept the defeat and filed an appeal to the Supreme Court challenging the rulings ordering registration of Utah “zoom weddings” and requested that their implementation be delayed.

  • In the Legal Trenches
    Written by on 18/08/2022
    As the conclusion of the court’s summer recess approaches, we are preparing to renew litigation next month.

  • Civil Marriage – are we getting closer?
    Written by on 18/02/2022
    In Israel, there has been increased attention on marriage rights in general and civil marriage in particular. A significant part of Hiddush’s work is focused on these very issues. This month alone, two Knesset committees have held hearings on the matter.

  • Will Jewish leadership continue looking the other way?
    Written by Uri Regev on 04/08/2021
    The world media, from Washington DC to Burkina Faso, French Guinea and the Arab world covered the phenomenon of the most prominent athlete in Israel today, who won a gold medal for the State of Israel and sweeping praise from the heads of state; but is not allowed by his country to marry his girlfriend because it placed the control of marriage in Israel in the hands of the Orthodox Chief Rabbinate.

  • Legal Groups Protest Israel's Interior Minister
    Written by Uri Regev on 21/01/2021
    J-PLAN, the Jewish Pluralism Legal Action Network, a network of Jewish lawyers in North America, working in partnership with Hiddush – Freedom of Religion for Israel, and the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists [AAJLJ] sent a letter on January 18, 2021,to Israel’s Interior Minister, Attorney General, and other officials, to protest the Ministry of the Interior’s recent decision to suspend registration of civil marriages of Israeli citizens lawfully married under the laws of "Utah County in the State of Utah.

  • Hiddush on the cutting edge of Marriage Freedom
    Written by on 07/01/2021
    Hiddush - for Freedom of Religion and Equality has warned Minister Deri that if he does not cancel his suspension of legal marriage registrations held through video conferencing under Utah state law, Hiddush will be forced to petition the Supreme Court.

  • The Israeli government's ploy to prevent marriages through consulates
    Written by Uri Regev on 09/11/2020
    Hiddush would certainly welcome the opening of another narrow window to marriage in the form of removing the barrier to recognizing consular marriages. However, the real solution is, of course, for Israel to join the rest of the world’s Western democracies, which all recognize the right of their citizens to marry as they wish.

  • Israelis turn away from marrying in the Rabbinate
    Written by Uri Regev on 13/08/2020
    Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) recent release shows that while the Jewish population in Israel grows, the number of couples that marry under the auspices of the Chief Rabbinate is significantly and consistently dropping!

  • Where are Israeli Jews now on Religion & State?
    Written by on 12/12/2019
    The “Status Quo” is an affront to the will of the public: 63% want a civil unity government; 71% support public transportation on the Sabbath; 69% support establishing civil marriage and divorce in Israel

  • Hiddush survey for International Human Rights Day
    Written by on 09/12/2019
    The right to freedom of movement: 71% support public transportation on Saturday. The right to family: 69% support civil marriage in Israel. Most of the Jewish public in Israel supports the operation of public transportation on Saturdays and the establishment of civil marriage in Israel. This is not just politics. It’s about violations of basic human rights.

  • Justice Baron: Discriminatory laws should not be preserved indefinitely
    Written by on 01/09/2017
    The High Court of Justice announced its ruling rejecting a petition submitted by same-sex couples to order the state to allow them and couples like them to marry in Israel. This came is no great surprise.

  • For first time, Orthodox NGO campaigns for civil marriage in Israel
    Written by on 28/03/2017
    Civil marriage is one of the most encumbered issues in the Jewish state, but the Modern Orthodox organization Ne’emenei Torah Va’Avodah began a campaign Sunday advocating for the introduction of such a possibility in Israel.

  • Israeli news series demonstrates the urgency of freedom of marriage
    Written by Uri Regev on 31/08/2014
    Israel's Channel 10 News ran a four-part series about the issue of marriage in Israel and the Chief Rabbinate's monopoly over this basic right. The timing and content serve as a major boost for efforts for freedom of marriage.

  • Hiddush analysis shows Israelis are increasingly marrying abroad to avoid Chief Rabbinate monopoly
    Written by on 24/08/2014
    Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics recently published select data on marriages of Israelis in Israel and abroad. The Chief Rabbinate was quick to declare that the data proves that 96% of Israeli Jews marry through them. Hiddush's analysis of the data shows the full picture.

  • Reserve combat soldier returns from war protesting that he cannot marry his fiancée because of Orthodox marriage monopoly
    Written by on 11/08/2014
    Yet another heartbreaking story about an Israeli couple unable to marry in Israel because of the Orthodox Chief Rabbinate's monopoly on marriage. The answer is simple: freedom of marriage!


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