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  • Video Blog: Hiddush's Impact in the Knesset and media
    Written by on 24/04/2013
    When Hiddush is singled out in the Knesset for major policy changes, we know we're headed in the right direction.

  • Hiddush analyzes the impact of the new coalition agreements on religion/state in Israel
    Written by on 18/03/2013
    Little and unsatisfactory reference to religious freedom, Equality in shouldering civic burden obligation to serve only starts in 4 years, in the meantime, full exemption to yeshiva students over the age of 22. Potential dramatic cuts in subsidies to ultra-Orthodox sector.

  • Video Blog: Basic Law for Freedom of Religion and Conscience
    Written by on 13/03/2013
    Rabbi Uri Regev speaks about Hiddush's proposal to the Knesset to legislate a Basic Law for freedom of religion and conscience

  • Hiddush releases proposal for implementing Civil Society in the State of Israel
    Written by on 10/03/2013
    Hiddush released an detailed plan for implementing a civil society in the State of Israel for members of the new Knesset. The proposal is based around an additional basic law to implement religious freedom and conscience in Israel.

  • Hiddush Reports: Haredim received over NIS 1 billion in extra funding in 2010-11
    Written by on 10/02/2013
    Hiddush recently conducted a study which found that over NIS 1 billion was added to the budget originally approved by the Knesset, shedding light on the lack of accountability in the Knesset Finance Committee.

  • Hiddush Reports: Appx. NIS 1 Billion Added to Religious Institutions from Annual Budget
    Written by on 06/02/2013
    Hiddush- Freedom of Religion for Israel completed a comprehensive investigation focusing on internal changes to the national budget through the Knesset's Finance Committee. The report found that a significant amount of funds were added onto the budget without any external supervision.

  • 80% of the Jewish public supports establishing a civil government coalition
    Written by on 30/01/2013
    Rafi Smith Research Institute to Hiddush: 80% of the Jewish public in Israel support establishing a civil government coalition that will advance the agenda of religious freedom and equality.

  • 'Government unfit to rule'
    Written by on 17/07/2012
    Kadima party leaves coalition over failure of universal draft law. Shahar Ilan of Hiddush: "The government we are left with is unfit to rule, it's a government of discrimination."

  • What some MKs are actually saying about Reform rabbis
    Written by on 07/06/2012
    In the excitement of Israel's first step toward recognition of non-Orthodox rabbis, these appointments were met with disturbing reactions by both ultra-Orthodox and National Religious political leaders.

  • Chaim Weizmann's warning
    Written by on 25/04/2012
    Chaim Weizman, Israel’s first president, warned in 1949 of the impending culture clash that would face the State of Israel: “We must have a clear line of demarcation between legitimate religious aspirations and the duty of the State towards preserving such aspirations on the one hand, and on the other hand the lust for power which is sometimes exhibited by pseudo-religious groups”.

  • 83% of Jewish Israelis want change in housing subsidies
    Written by on 23/04/2012
    83% of Jewish Israelis believe housing subsidies should follow the recommendations of the Trajtenberg Committee, as opposed to current policies which overwhelmingly favor the ultra-Orthodox population.

  • 83% of Jewish Israelis believe housing subsidies conditional on willingness to work to your ability
    Written by on 23/04/2012
    83% of Jewish Israelis believe housing subsidies should follow the recommendations of the Trajtenberg Committee, as opposed to current policies which overwhelmingly favor the ultra-Orthodox population, who in large part do not seek to join the work force. President of Hiddush, Rabbi Uri Regev, called on government officials to heed the call of the Israeli public.

  • Are you with the 82%?
    Written by on 22/03/2012
    Hiddush combats the Tal Law extension, fights discrimination in army service, and continues to work for the rights of women.

  • MK Eichler: Reform Jews worse than Arabs
    Written by on 05/03/2012
    Hiddush CEO, Rabbi Uri Regev: Eichler’s behavior reveals the sad truth of the ultra-Orthodox parties in the Israeli Knesset is deep hatred of the other, simply because they are other.

  • Hiddush presents: Exclude the Excluders!
    Written by on 15/02/2012
    Director of Hiddush, Rabbi Uri Regev: "No more will women be excluded from the public sphere. We can no longer stand with those who promote the exclusion of women, the time has come to for a civil governmental coalition without those who exclude."

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