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  • The Efforts to Promote Utah Online Marriage Continue
    Written by on 24/03/2024
    Hiddush gives legal counsel to couples who seek to marry using the Online Marriage platform in Utah

  • From the Legal Trenches
    Written by on 29/11/2022
    The fight to advance freedom of marriage was crowned with yet another victory last week. A Supreme Court Justice, Prof. Dafna Barak-Erez, rejected the state's request to postpone implementation of the ruling by the administrative court in Jerusalem on "Utah marriages" (civil marriages of Israelis performed in Utah, USA, by video).

  • In the Legal Trenches: The State Appeals Marriage Rulings
    Written by on 10/11/2022
    After resounding victories in the Administrative Courts the State Attorney's Office refused to accept the defeat and filed an appeal to the Supreme Court challenging the rulings ordering registration of Utah “zoom weddings” and requested that their implementation be delayed.

  • Court Rules: Israeli Couples Married via "Utah Marriage" to be registered
    Written by on 30/09/2022
    The Administrative Court in Jerusalem ruled in favor of a petition filed by the NGO Hiddush - for Religious Freedom and Equality, directing the Population Authority and the Ministry of the Interior to register as married any couple that gets married via "Utah marriage” (A marriage platform created by Utah County, Utah, USA. Marriages are conducted via video conferencing with a marriage officiant in Utah and which can take place even if both spouses are in Israel or elsewhere in the world).

  • In the Legal Trenches
    Written by on 18/08/2022
    As the conclusion of the court’s summer recess approaches, we are preparing to renew litigation next month.

  • Utah Weddings - Potential Breakthrough
    Written by on 01/08/2022
    In a precedent-setting decision, the Lod District Court ruled earlier this month that civil marriages performed via Zoom under foreign auspices for couples in Israel will be inscribed in Israel’s Population Registry.

  • "The Court Against the Torah!" – Really?!
    Written by Uri Regev on 14/07/2022
    The Lod Administrative Court released a ruling this week that has far-reaching consequences for issues of religion and state, and which opens a significant window of opportunity for freedom of marriage for Israelis.

  • Court orders the State of Israel to register Utah online marriages
    Written by on 10/07/2022
    Hiddush - For Religious Freedom and Equality, responds to ruling by Administrative Court ordering the State of Israel to register Utah online marriages

  • Civil Marriage – are we getting closer?
    Written by on 18/02/2022
    In Israel, there has been increased attention on marriage rights in general and civil marriage in particular. A significant part of Hiddush’s work is focused on these very issues. This month alone, two Knesset committees have held hearings on the matter.

  • Court rules against rabbinical court judge for "Writ of Refusal"
    Written by on 09/12/2021
    Hiddush's legal advocacy continues, with its submission of a petition to the Supreme Court against the IDF for religiously coercing soldiers to keep kosher on Passover, as well as yet another petition on behalf of an Israeli couple married legally via videoconference in Utah County, Utah.

  • Hiddush in the legal trenches
    Written by on 29/10/2021
    This week we filed a Freedom of Information petition against the Municipality of Netanya, as part of our efforts to assist groups and individuals whose rights are being infringed upon in connection with the clash of religion and state on the national and local spheres. This time our petition followed our efforts to help residents of four condominiums in Netanya of residents who have been trying unsuccessfully to get the municipality to stop the public nuisance caused by a Haredi group that was given permission by the municipality to use a public bomb shelter and the adjoining area (situated directly adjacent to their residences) for prayer and religious activities.

  • Will Jewish leadership continue looking the other way?
    Written by Uri Regev on 04/08/2021
    The world media, from Washington DC to Burkina Faso, French Guinea and the Arab world covered the phenomenon of the most prominent athlete in Israel today, who won a gold medal for the State of Israel and sweeping praise from the heads of state; but is not allowed by his country to marry his girlfriend because it placed the control of marriage in Israel in the hands of the Orthodox Chief Rabbinate.

  • Contrary to Orthodox politicians - Public for marriage freedom
    Written by on 28/07/2021
    Last week, on the Jewish calendar, we marked Tu b’Av (the 15th day of the month of Av), which can be likened to Valentine’s Day in the USA. Hiddush commissioned a special survey on marriage freedom in commemoration of the holiday, which was well covered in the Hebrew and English media.

  • 73% support State recognition of same-sex couplehood
    Written by on 01/06/2021
    3 out of 4 Israelis support same-sex couples receiving all the rights other couples get; 73% of the adult Jewish public in Israel support recognition of same-sex marriage (54%) or civil unions for same-sex couples (19%).

  • Legal Groups Protest Israel's Interior Minister
    Written by Uri Regev on 21/01/2021
    J-PLAN, the Jewish Pluralism Legal Action Network, a network of Jewish lawyers in North America, working in partnership with Hiddush – Freedom of Religion for Israel, and the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists [AAJLJ] sent a letter on January 18, 2021,to Israel’s Interior Minister, Attorney General, and other officials, to protest the Ministry of the Interior’s recent decision to suspend registration of civil marriages of Israeli citizens lawfully married under the laws of "Utah County in the State of Utah.

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