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  • Bibi gets cold feet
    Written by on 22/07/2012
    PM Benjamin Netanyahu rejects all recommendations of the Plesner Committee in drawing up new legislation that would allow the universal draft and an increase in Haredi recruits. Hiddush CEO Uri Regev shares his thoughts

  • Hiddush VP testifies: No partner in ultra-Orthodox leadership
    Written by on 03/06/2012
    Hiddush Vice President Shahar Ilan testified last week before the Plesner Committee on Equal Sharing of Civic Burdens. “Anyone who thinks there is a respected ultra-Orthodox authority who is ready to encourage yeshiva students to serve should suggest him. Even Rav Shteinman, presented as a moderate, leads the fight against compulsory service."

  • Testify
    Written by on 31/05/2012
    Hiddush Vice President Shahar Ilan testifies in the Knesset on Hidduh's proposal for ultra-Orthodox army recruitment

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