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  • ‘On marriage freedom, Israel as bad as Iran’
    Written by on 29/04/2013
    In map published by progressive NGO Hiddush, Jewish state is the only democracy that imposes ‘severe restrictions’ on unions

  • Video Blog: Freedom of Marriage World Map Launch!
    Written by on 29/04/2013
    Hiddush launched the first-of-its-kind Freedom of Marriage World Map with the hope for freedom of marriage in Israel

  • A less spoken about angle: The threat Israel presents to Jewish peoplehood
    Written by Uri Regev on 18/04/2013
    In a publication of the Center for Jewish Peoplehood, Rabbi Uri Regev focuses on the damage to the sense of Peoplehood brought about by the lack of religious pluralism in Israel.

  • Video Blog: Basic Law for Freedom of Religion and Conscience
    Written by on 13/03/2013
    Rabbi Uri Regev speaks about Hiddush's proposal to the Knesset to legislate a Basic Law for freedom of religion and conscience

  • Hiddush Video Blog: The Electoral Power of Religion and State
    Written by on 06/03/2013
    Rabbi Uri Regev, President of Hiddush- Freedom of Religion for Israel analyses the 2013 Israeli Knesset election based on the influence that issues of religion and state played in the Israeli public's voting behavior.

  • Where does Yesh Atid stand on freedom of marriage?
    Written by Uri Regev on 06/03/2013
    Yair Lapid and his party, Yesh Atid, have expressed support for Jewish pluralism in Israel in an unprecedented manner. However, they also endorsed Rabbi David Stav, a Religious-Zionist Rabbi from the Tzohar Rabbinic Organization, as the candidate for Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi. Yesh Atid and Rabbi Stav hold seemingly divergent views on pluralism and freedom of marriage in Israel. So how does this all add up?

  • Hiddush Polling: Majority of Secular Israelis unopposed to freedom of marriage
    Written by on 04/03/2013
    Hiddush releases public opinion statistics on freedom of marriage on the eve of Knesset lobby for Civil Equality and Pluralism. Rabbi Regev, Hiddush CEO: "We should not miss this historic opportunity created the recent elections to establish civil marriage in Israel."

  • Making Sense of the Elections
    Written by on 21/02/2013
    Issues of religion and state played a crucial role in the 2013 elections.

  • I'm not Jewish?
    Written by on 14/11/2012
    In our October newsletter, we release the findings of the 2012 Religion and State Index, discuss the plight of a young woman who just wasn't "Jewish enough" to get married in Israel, and discuss what you can do to make a difference.

  • Hiddush's Annual Israel Religion and State Index: 2012
    Written by on 31/10/2012
    Support for religious freedom rises to 85%, 67% say Haredi MKs distance public from Judaism, 76% dissatisfied with government policies on religion

  • Israel Religion and State Index 2012
    Written by on 25/09/2012
    Support for religious freedom rises to 85%, 67% say Haredi MKs distance public from Judaism, 76% dissatisfied with government policies on religion

  • US Jews must fight Israel’s policy on religious freedom
    Written by Uri Regev on 01/08/2012
    Recent actions of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate threaten to divide the Jewish people and risk an anti-religious backlash against Judaism itself within the Jewish state. Of particular concern is the monopoly of the Chief Rabbinate over issues of personal status – particularly marriage, divorce, burial, and conversion to Judaism.

  • The Joke of Israel’s Civil Partnership Law
    Written by on 16/07/2012
    Fewer than 1.5 couples register with the Civil Partnership registrar each month according to statistics the Ministry of Justice released to Hiddush. Hiddush President Rabbi Uri Regev: “The time has come for Yisrael Beiteinu to realize its mistake and demand the passage of a real Civil Marriage law.”

  • Same-sex marriage
    Written by on 03/06/2012
    Rabbi Uri Regev commends moves by the Conservative Movement to work toward equality in marriage

  • Human Rights Day in Israel
    Written by Uri Regev on 09/12/2011
    As we reflect on Human Rights Day, we are reminded of the dire need of Israel to acknowledge its failure in ensuring those promised in both the International Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of Independence of Israel itself.

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