Anti-secular MK to be reinstated

A former Knesset member who once called seculars "a generation of people who look like beasts and behave like two-legged animals" is to be sworn in again Monday

Haredi Rabbi Eichler Flash90Haredi Rabbi Eichler Flash90

Rabbi and attorney Uri Regev, who heads Hiddush, said that "we must protect Eichler's right to derogate all that is sacred to most of the citizens of this state".

"It's a good thing we live in a modern democracy, which allows us to express such extremist views against

there is no longer any basis for our being one people

the state and democracy in public. However, it is important that we recognize the new MK's attitude towards the state, Zionism, and anyone who isn't ultra-Orthodox, and remember the hostile attitude of United Torah Judaism towards the government of which it is a member," Regev said.

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