Jerusalem art students partner with Hiddush in a new campaign

Let Marriage Freedom Ring!

Today, Hiddush began a new campaign to allow marriage freedom in Israel. This is a collaboration between Hiddush and the School of the Arts in Musrara, Jerusalem.

Hiddush's new 'Let Marriage Freedom Ring!' campaign

A number of graduating students from the School of Arts in Musrara, Jerusalem have worked on visual representations of the struggle for marriage freedom in Israel, which we are posting on social networks, such as Facebook, as a central feature of our new campaign (in Hebrew at first), to raise awareness of this critical cause and sign up people for a petition to Ministers and Knesset Members, demanding that Israel not continue to be the only Western democracy in the world that denies its citizens freedom of marriage.

Advocacy for marriage freedom is one of Hiddush’s primary arenas of activism because it impacts on the lives and dignity of so many Israelis (More than 600,000 citizens, according to our estimates, are denied the ability to marry in Israel altogether because of religious restrictions, and millions more cannot marry according to their worldviews and beliefs). The Chief Rabbinate, the official governing body for marriages of Jews in Israel, only permits strict Orthodox weddings, regardless of whether couples may want Orthodox-egalitarian, non-Orthodox, or secular marriage ceremonies.

Those who have not yet watched the video prepared by Hiddush, which presents the challenge and scope of the problem, are urged to do so: YOUTUBE VIDEO

More information on the topic of marriage freedom in Israel and worldwide can be found on a special website Hiddush created: MARRIAGE.HIDDUSH.ORG

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