Announcing the 2013 Religion and State Index!

Rabbi Regev introduces the 2013 Religion and State Index

Hiddush- Freedom of Religion for Israel is proud to publish the 2013 Religion and State Index, released on the eve of the Jewish New Year. The 2013 Index provides an insight into the minds of Israelis; demonstrating what they perceive to be relevant issues in Israel today and what they want for the Jewish and Democratic State of Israel for the years to come. The results show that the Israeli public increasingly supports freedom of religion, freedom of marriage, and equal recognition of rabbis from all major Jewish denominations. Among an impressive list of fascinating statistics, Rabbi Regev focuses on the support for freedom of religion and conscience, the support for separation of religion and state, public approval for the current government's religion and state policies, and the public's view on domestic issues in Israeli society. In the coming weeeks, Hiddush will provide our followers with several video blogs that each focus on a different area of survey presented in the Religion and State Index. Click here ( to read key findings Click here ( to read the whole report

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