MK Nitzan Horowitz: A Jewish and Democratic Israel must have Civil Marriages for ALL Israelis

MK Nitzan Horowitz of the Meretz Party speaks at the 2013 GA panel on freedom of marriage.

"What do you prefer more: Israel as a Jewish nation or Israel as a democratic nation? It's like choosing between your father and your mother."

As a part of Hiddush's video blog series following the 2013 GA panel on freedom of marriage, this week we are providing you with more of MK Nitzan Horowitz's comments on a Jewish and Democratic Israel and the need for civil marriage for all Israelis.

MK Horowitz from the Meretz party is the only openly-gay member of the Knesset and an adamant advocate for LGBTQ rights and the struggle for freedom of marriage, including same-sex marriage. During the panel, he emphasized that any solution to Israel's marriage crisis must include equal options and rights for same-sex couples.

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