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  • Ruth's Conversion
    Written by on 23/06/2011
    Shavuot newsletter on conversion

  • Who revoked Ruth's conversion?
    Written by on 07/06/2011
    On the eve of Shavuot, Hiddush launches campaign to bring attention to the issue of conversion in Israel

  • The Haredi Establishment Versus Ruth the Moabite
    Written by on 07/06/2011
    If Ruth the Moabite were alive today, no court in Israel would be able to let her convert, and King David would never have been born. The haredi establishment constitutes an almost impenetrable barrier on the road to Judaism, and its hand is very light on the trigger when it comes to overturning conversions. The time has come to dismantle the haredi monopoly.

  • Jessica Fishman Story
    Written by on 09/05/2011
    Interesting story on 'who is a Jew'

  • 2010 Religion and State Index
    Written by on 01/05/2011
    Jewish public objects to new religious legislation

  • Mimouna Festival Supports Conversions
    Written by on 27/04/2011
    Festival takes stance resisting coercion

  • Sherman strikes again: Examine most converts
    Written by on 26/04/2011
    Rabbinic court judge Avraham Sherman, who previously ruled that Rabbi Druckman’s conversions should be nullified, said in an interview on Walla! that all modern-era conversions are invalid. Hiddush: Yet more proof that conversions need to be taken out of the rabbinate’s hands

  • Conversion Corruption in Israel
    Written by on 03/04/2011
    Converting in Israel isn't easy

  • The MK who sees Israel as an enemy
    Written by Uri Regev on 30/03/2011
    Yisrael Eichler, returning to the Knesset, lashes out against the state and its institutions. Now’s the time for a government that won’t be dependent on him and his comrades.

  • Rabbi Ovadia – a brave ruling
    Written by on 02/03/2011
    Uri Orbach in an article on Ynet: Shas leader made a ruling that all other rabbis were afraid to make


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