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  • Along with war and efforts to free hostages, issues of Religion and State are not going away
    Written by on 25/03/2024
    In Israel and around the world, Jews will be celebrating Purim this week, one of Judaism’s most joyous holidays. This year, however, celebrations are overshadowed by the war, the hostages still languishing in Gaza, and antisemitism in the Diaspora.

  • The Efforts to Promote Utah Online Marriage Continue
    Written by on 24/03/2024
    Hiddush gives legal counsel to couples who seek to marry using the Online Marriage platform in Utah

  • As War Continues, Israel and Hiddush Look Ahead
    Written by on 10/03/2024
    During recent days, as national challenges in Gaza and the north continue, the report regarding the Meron disaster emphasizes how essential is an independent judiciary to ensure a healthy democracy

  • Equal in War as in Life
    Written by on 10/03/2024
    Old prejudices concern the capability of women to participate as equals in combat IDF units fade away in the current war

  • From the Legal Trenches
    Written by on 29/11/2022
    The fight to advance freedom of marriage was crowned with yet another victory last week. A Supreme Court Justice, Prof. Dafna Barak-Erez, rejected the state's request to postpone implementation of the ruling by the administrative court in Jerusalem on "Utah marriages" (civil marriages of Israelis performed in Utah, USA, by video).

  • In the Legal Trenches: The State Appeals Marriage Rulings
    Written by on 10/11/2022
    After resounding victories in the Administrative Courts the State Attorney's Office refused to accept the defeat and filed an appeal to the Supreme Court challenging the rulings ordering registration of Utah “zoom weddings” and requested that their implementation be delayed.

  • How do we know that the override clause is a despicable initiative?
    Written by Uri Regev on 10/11/2022
    Many political figures present the demand for legislation of the “override clause” as essential for "the judicial system’s health”, for "increasing public trust in the Supreme Court", and a host of other slogans which sound reasonable and responsible, but which are actually far removed from that.

  • Court Rules: Israeli Couples Married via "Utah Marriage" to be registered
    Written by on 30/09/2022
    The Administrative Court in Jerusalem ruled in favor of a petition filed by the NGO Hiddush - for Religious Freedom and Equality, directing the Population Authority and the Ministry of the Interior to register as married any couple that gets married via "Utah marriage” (A marriage platform created by Utah County, Utah, USA. Marriages are conducted via video conferencing with a marriage officiant in Utah and which can take place even if both spouses are in Israel or elsewhere in the world).

  • In the Legal Trenches
    Written by on 18/08/2022
    As the conclusion of the court’s summer recess approaches, we are preparing to renew litigation next month.

  • Utah Weddings - Potential Breakthrough
    Written by on 01/08/2022
    In a precedent-setting decision, the Lod District Court ruled earlier this month that civil marriages performed via Zoom under foreign auspices for couples in Israel will be inscribed in Israel’s Population Registry.

  • "The Court Against the Torah!" – Really?!
    Written by Uri Regev on 14/07/2022
    The Lod Administrative Court released a ruling this week that has far-reaching consequences for issues of religion and state, and which opens a significant window of opportunity for freedom of marriage for Israelis.

  • Court orders the State of Israel to register Utah online marriages
    Written by on 10/07/2022
    Hiddush - For Religious Freedom and Equality, responds to ruling by Administrative Court ordering the State of Israel to register Utah online marriages

  • Just when you thought they can't sink lower...
    Written by Uri Regev on 30/06/2022
    The son of MK Pindrus, secretary general of the Degel HaTorah party, who is one of those leading attacks in the vilest language on the Bennett / Lapid government, on Reform and Conservative Judaism and on the Supreme Court, led a shocking display of behavior today at the "Ezrat Yisrael" plaza next to the Western Wall, intended for egalitarian prayers of the liberal Jewish denominations.

  • On the Legal Front
    Written by on 30/06/2022
    the battle goes on. It is not just the Women of the Wall or the Pride Parade that are at stake. It’s the soul of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and that is why safeguarding the independence and the authority of the Supreme Court is so important in Israel, even if we do not always agree with its rulings.

  • Lawfare Project vs. Hiddush – They Got it All Wrong
    Written by Uri Regev on 02/06/2022
    We were astonished to read the blatant and baseless attack against Hiddush, which fights for freedom of religion and equality, and against our partners in the petition we filed with Israel’s Supreme Court: The Secular Forum and fourteen parents of Israeli soldiers.

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