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  • Hiddush battling for civil burial in Court
    Written by on 30/09/2021
    Today in court there was good news and bad news. On the one hand, the Justices of the Supreme Court that heard the petition praised Hiddush’s initiative, which prompted the Ministry of Religious Services to speed up its handling of the issue. On the other hand, the court considered the petition too broad and encouraged Hiddush to file separate and concrete petitions in relation to localities.

  • The Court conversion ruling and the elections
    Written by on 18/03/2021
    Non-Orthodox conversion and the Supreme Court are playing a key role in these elections, especially in the election propaganda of the ultra-Orthodox parties.

  • What they said about the landmark Court ruling
    Written by Uri Regev on 05/03/2021
    The Supreme Court was kind to Israel in issuing its ruling this week on the matter of the eligibility under the Law of Return for Reform and Conservative Conversions performed in Israel. Opponents of recognizing non-Orthodox converts rushed to condemn the Court and criticize it for not waiting another few weeks or months, after having waited 15 years, until after the next Knesset elections. However, the truth is that the ruling is of great importance in helping the public decide whom to vote for and what direction it wants the State of Israel to grow. It wasn’t the the verdict itself, which is important, but rather the violent [verbal] reactions , not yet physical] that erupted from the very moment it was published and the political demarcations that divide the responding camps.

  • The friend of my enemy is my enemy
    Written by on 04/03/2021
    Most people are familiar with the expression “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – it dates back to the 4th century BCE, and one compelling example of its relevance is the case of the USSR partnering with the Western European nations and United States to defeat the Nazis. A more recent compelling example is the increasing closeness of the Gulf States to Israel, as Iran, a common enemy, threatens them both.

  • Legal fronts against religious discrimination
    Written by on 05/02/2021
    Hiddush has been active on several legal fronts against religious discrimination in the IDF, including the battle against exempting yeshivas students from conscription along with the rest of their Israeli peers.

  • Once again – Religion-State conflict irreconcilable
    Written by on 28/10/2020
    This week, Israel was confronted once again with compelling evidence that the longtime festering conflict between religion and state in Israel is irreconcilable. Resolving it by removing state authority from Israel’s religious establishment is the only answer.

  • The “Who is a Jew” War is Back!
    Written by on 18/06/2020
    Join us for two upcoming webinars on the “Who is a Jew” saga, which is returning to center political and legal stage.

  • Rabbi Meir Mazuz: Supreme Court Justices are beasts and mosquitoes
    Written by on 18/02/2020
    February 17, 2020: Channel 12 exposes the greatly esteemed Rabbi Meir Mazuz attacking the Israeli Supreme Court. This is the very same rabbi that PM Netanyahu courted for support before the Likud primaries!

  • A fight for the soul and future of Israel like no other since 1948
    Written by on 24/10/2019
    The passing of Israel’s cherished former Supreme Court Chief Justice Shamgar (laid to rest this week) reminds us of the lingering threat to Israel’s Supreme Court and to its rule of law.

  • The Supreme Court ruling on pluralistic IDF burial
    Written by on 13/08/2019
    The following is an extract from the Supreme Court ruling on Hiddush’s petition on pluralistic military burials in Israel, handed down on August 8, 2019. The Court’s opinion was written by Justice Anat Baron with the consent of Justices Elron and Grosskopf.

  • Renewed Haredi assault on the Supreme Court
    Written by Uri Regev on 01/08/2019
    This week temporarily halted the removal-from-office procedure, which Interior Minister Deri (Leader of Shas) initiated against Mayor of Tiberias Ron Kobi. Kobi has become a symbol and lightning rod, as a crusader against religious coercion.

  • Shaked won: The 'Jewish' has beaten the 'democratic'
    Written by Sagi Agmon on 22/11/2018
    It happened just this week. With little ado, the Supreme Court overturned a 25-year ruling and told the Rabbinical Courts that they could do whatever they please because the laws of the state no longer really apply to them.

  • Chabad's illegal outreach at Ben Gurion Airport
    Written by on 19/06/2018
    Chabad Lubavitch is a unique phenomenon in Jewish history and the Jewish community. Much can and should be said in their praise, but at the same time, it should be recognized that both theologically and operationally they are highly controversial.

  • IDF Draft controversy renews pressure to muzzle the Supreme Court
    Written by on 19/06/2018
    As many who follow Israel's political life know, cries of "wolf, wolf!" foretelling of the government’s imminent collapse are common. Two such crises are on the horizon now.

  • Politicians attempt to castrate the Supreme Court
    Written by on 06/05/2018
    The Israeli public trusts the Supreme Court, not Israel's politicians, according to a survey recently commissioned by Hiddush, in light of politicians' recent attempt to castrate the High Court of Justice, in order to prevent the Court from mandating that the State of Israel enlist yeshiva students and to allow the Government Coalition to enact additional discriminatory laws according to the ultra-Orthodox parties' demands without fear of these being ruled illegal by the High Court of Justice.


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