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  • The phenomenon of sex segregated bus lines is growing!
    Written by on 16/07/2015
    An ultra-Orthodox myth is that ultra-Orthodox women really want to sit in the back of the bus, so we shouldn’t interfere with the growing phenomenon of gender-segregated bus lines. However, ultra-Orthodox blogger Chani Weiser of B’nai Brak has recently come out publicly, challenging her community’s self-righteous claims. She does not want to sit at the back of the bus!

  • Hiddush Original: Don’t Push me to the Back of the Bus!
    Written by on 25/12/2012
    Marking International Human Rights Day on December 10th, Hiddush released a short film in protest, featuring Israeli Artists celebrities called “Don’t push me to the back of the bus!”

  • Secular lifestyle in danger?
    Written by on 08/01/2012
    Shahar Ilan speaks to The National about the challenges Israel faces with growing haredi populations

  • Religious Segregation
    Written by on 29/12/2011
    Rabbi Uri Regev speaks

  • Attempt to allow voluntary segregation of buses fails
    Written by on 18/12/2011
    A bus was delayed half an hour after a woman refused to give in to ultra-Orthodox demans to sit in the back. CEO of Hiddush, Rabbi Uri Regev says: Ultra-Orthodox zealots enforce bus segregation with violence

  • MK Livnat: Ministerial Committee on the Status of Women will be convened
    Written by on 28/11/2011
    Debates rage on as discrimination of women and erasing them from public spheres continues, with disagreement between head of the Ministerial Committee on the Status of Women and Shas minister Mashulam Nahari

  • 91% of Jewish religious population: Gender segregation is distortion of Judaism.
    Written by on 10/11/2011
    According to a survey by the Smith Institute for Hiddush, 89% of the Jewish public in Israel sees recent controversies over gender segregation in the streets of Mea Shearim and on bus lines as a distortion of Judaism (42%) or extremely unnecessary (47%).

  • Making Girls Invisible
    Written by on 10/11/2011
    Gender segregation affects children as well, as companies “sell women’s status for more ultra-Orthodox members,”

  • We want Azaria!
    Written by on 26/10/2011
    Yerushalmim member expelled for petitioning High Court against gender separation.

  • Segregated Buses by Company
    Written by on 27/04/2011
    7 bus companies have segregation

  • Community segregated buses
    Written by on 27/04/2011
    2010 showed an increase in segregated lines in communities

  • Segregated Buses
    Written by on 27/04/2011
    Number of segregated buses increasing

  • Women Have Right To Choose Bus Seat
    Written by on 06/01/2011
    The Hiddush organization for religious freedom and equality expressed similar sentiments to the Masorti movement, saying in a statement that "the Supreme Court's decision means that sexual harassment of women in the mehadrin lines will continue."

  • Report on Gender-Segregated Buses Segregation 2010
    Written by on 15/03/2010
    2,500 Gender-Segregated Bus Rides a Day

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