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  • What is "Shivyon B'netel?"
    Written by on 23/06/2013
    "Equality in Sharing the Burden" is the hottest topic in Israel today.

  • Sharing the Burden
    Written by on 05/02/2013
    A more egalitarian approach to sharing in civic duties should be worked out for the next Knesset term.

  • Israel Vote Sharpens Debate Over Orthodox Sway
    Written by on 24/01/2013
    Middle-class frustration with the privileges and subsidies enjoyed by ultra-Orthodox Israelis influences elections.

  • Hiddush's Annual Israel Religion and State Index: 2012
    Written by on 31/10/2012
    Support for religious freedom rises to 85%, 67% say Haredi MKs distance public from Judaism, 76% dissatisfied with government policies on religion

  • Israel Religion and State Index 2012
    Written by on 25/09/2012
    Support for religious freedom rises to 85%, 67% say Haredi MKs distance public from Judaism, 76% dissatisfied with government policies on religion

  • Kosher, or Not?
    Written by on 05/09/2012
    Hiddush appeal to Supreme Court, ad in LA Jewish Journal, ‘policy of hatred’, and petition to PM Netanyahu.

  • Bibi gets cold feet
    Written by on 22/07/2012
    PM Benjamin Netanyahu rejects all recommendations of the Plesner Committee in drawing up new legislation that would allow the universal draft and an increase in Haredi recruits. Hiddush CEO Uri Regev shares his thoughts

  • 'Government unfit to rule'
    Written by on 17/07/2012
    Kadima party leaves coalition over failure of universal draft law. Shahar Ilan of Hiddush: "The government we are left with is unfit to rule, it's a government of discrimination."

  • More army units
    Written by on 05/06/2012
    Rabbi Regev tells Ha'aretz "There is no way to increase Haredi participation in the army without establishing additional Haredi units"

  • Hiddush VP testifies: No partner in ultra-Orthodox leadership
    Written by on 03/06/2012
    Hiddush Vice President Shahar Ilan testified last week before the Plesner Committee on Equal Sharing of Civic Burdens. “Anyone who thinks there is a respected ultra-Orthodox authority who is ready to encourage yeshiva students to serve should suggest him. Even Rav Shteinman, presented as a moderate, leads the fight against compulsory service."

  • Lapid announces hollow plan to integrate ultra-Orthodox
    Written by on 02/05/2012
    Yair Lapid proposes a five year exemption of yeshiva students. Hiddush President Uri Regev warns: "This would be the end of the People's army"

  • Did The Global Jewish Forum on Haredim Face the Facts?
    Written by on 27/04/2012
    The Jewish Agency and Makom opened the conversation on the impact of ultra-Orthodoxy on Israel and on the Jewish People as a whole, but did they give their participants a full picture?

  • Are you with the 82%?
    Written by on 22/03/2012
    Hiddush combats the Tal Law extension, fights discrimination in army service, and continues to work for the rights of women.

  • Israelis back repeal
    Written by on 09/03/2012
    Hiddush's public opinion poll on the Tal Law, its impacts, and future legislation shows overwhelming support for ultra-Orthodox enlistment by Jewish Israelis.

  • 82% of Israeli Jews support a law of mandatory conscription for yeshiva students
    Written by on 05/03/2012
    68% of Israeli Jews support denying subsidies to those who don’t serve in the army, 69% support the Supreme Court decision to invalidate the Tal Law*, and 82% support passing a law that would force most yeshiva students to enlist.


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