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  • Social justice, religious freedom and the tent protests
    Written by Uri Regev on 22/10/2011
    Protest leaders did their utmost to stick to economic demands.

  • 2011 Religion and State Index
    Written by on 03/10/2011
    80% of the Jewish population is dissatisfied with how the government handles issues of religion and state.

  • Trajtenberg Committee Recommends Compulsory core curriculum, limiting the study of young men in yeshiva.
    Written by on 26/09/2011
    The Trajtenberg Committee, appointed by the Prime Minister to address the public’s concern on socio-economic issues, has released its findings. They have made bold recommendations, asking to require ultra-Orthodox schools to utilize core curriculum, and limit publicly funded yeshiva study to five years except in the case of prodigies. CEO Rabbi Uri Regev called for Netanyahu to implement the recommendations in full and stave off pressures from ultra-Orthodox political parties.

  • Israel 2021 Conference Confronts Ultra-Orthodox Workplace Integration
    Written by on 22/09/2011
    Although not part of the scheduled program, many speakers at the Israel 2021 conference sponsored by The Marker newspaper emphasized the necessity of ultra-Orthodox integration into the workforce as a means of socio-economic stability for the country as a whole.

  • Livni: No Core Curriculum, No Funding.
    Written by on 05/09/2011
    Livni shared her thoughts at the “Israel 2021 Conference” and in an interview with the newspaper The Marker. Hiddush CEO Rabbi Regev welcomes her comments: “If Livni can fulfill her promise, there can be true social justice.”

  • Economic Change Will Need Ultra-Orthodox Men
    Written by on 24/08/2011
    Hiddush Vice-President, Shahar Ilan, warns the Trajtenberg Committee meeting that economic reform must take into account the lack of young ultra-Orthodox men to the work force.

  • Core curriculum
    Written by on 23/11/2010
    76% think that haredi schools should teach the core curriculum.


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