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  • Core curriculum
    Written by on 23/11/2010
    76% think that haredi schools should teach the core curriculum.

  • Rabbis Are Leading The Religious Struggles
    Written by on 24/09/2009
    The public is not buying the claim that the shabbat militants are motivated by ethical reasons. 74% of the Jewish public: Judaism unifies, the rabbis divide. 53%: the police are handling the demonstrations too leniently.

  • Israelis support gay marriage
    Written by on 22/09/2009
    Hiddush’s Religion and State Index, conducted by the Smith Research Institute: 53% of Israel’s Jewish citizens, including 74% of secular Jews, are in favor of letting same-sex partners get married

  • 25 Facts about Religion and State in Israel
    Written by on 15/09/2009
    The "status quo" agreement reached at the founding of the state between the country’s founders and the mainstream Orthodox rabbinical councils, which has been upheld throughout the state's history, requires that the Government implement some policies based on Orthodox Jewish interpretations of religious law.

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