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  • Participation In The March
    Written by on 15/03/2011
    The CEO of Ne'emanei Torah Va'Avodah explains on the "Kippah" online site why it was important to participate in the Stretcher March.

  • Hiddush Poll: Support For Gay Marriage
    Written by on 02/03/2011
    Hiddush’s Religion and State Index, conducted by the Smith Research Institute: 53% of Israel’s Jewish citizens, including 74% of secular Jews, are in favor of letting same-sex partners get married

  • Rabbi Ovadia – a brave ruling
    Written by on 02/03/2011
    Uri Orbach in an article on Ynet: Shas leader made a ruling that all other rabbis were afraid to make

  • Margi received pension of NIS 1.8 million
    Written by on 02/03/2011
    An employee fired from the Religious Affairs Ministry filed a suit alleging that the pension monies were paid to the minister illegally

  • High Court petitioned to allow civil marriage
    Written by on 02/03/2011
    The Jerusalem Institute of Justice petitioned the High Court to cancel the Civil Union Bill for Israelis with no religious affiliation

  • Ex-ultra-Orthodox mom won’t lose child
    Written by on 02/03/2011
    Haredi father sought to deny his ex-wife custody of their children. The court denied his request

  • Religious coercion in Israel escalating
    Written by on 02/03/2011
    U.S. State Department report on religious freedom worldwide finds increase in religious coercion, discrimination, and violence in Israel. Reports: Validity of 40,000 conversions in doubt, 360,000 new immigrants cannot get married

  • Steinitz gives in to Shas
    Written by on 01/03/2011
    Housing Ministry is planning close to 60,000 apartments for haredim in outlying areas. Hiddush head Uri Regev: Instead of investing in getting avrechim out to work, the coalition is handing out free mortgages to every avrech

  • Mystery: Do they want to work or not?
    Written by on 01/03/2011
    Manpower Israel’s managing director says she has 25,000 haredi job seekers, but employers do not want them. L-M Manpower’s CEO says he has 1,500 jobs for haredim, but no demand

  • No increase in oversight of haredi education
    Written by on 01/03/2011
    Education minister promised half a year ago to beef up supervision at haredi schools, but nothing was done. No sign of new inspectors for the independent school networks

  • Hiddush: High cost of Haredi support
    Written by on 01/03/2011
    To secure the haredi parties’ support for the budget, the government introduced additions to items such as support for Torani education and reinstatement of the living stipend for married yeshiva students

  • Israel Gives
    Written by on 20/01/2011
    The world's main website for charitable donating to Israel.

  • New Israel Fund
    Written by on 20/01/2011
    New Israel Fund online website

  • Reform Movement
    Written by on 17/01/2011
    Reform Movement in Israel

  • Summer 2010 Religion State Index
    Written by on 26/11/2010
    Religion and State Index for the second half of 2010

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