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  • Israel receives a “0” in the International Religious Freedom Index
    Written by on 14/12/2011
    Israel in the bottom quarter of the world index of religious freedom, scoring the same as Iran, Afghanistan and Russia. Hiddush head Rabbi Uri Regev: “This index shows the growing gap between the support of most Israelis for religious freedom, and the governments’ growing surrender to fundamentalist religious politicians.”

  • Human Rights Day in Israel
    Written by Uri Regev on 09/12/2011
    As we reflect on Human Rights Day, we are reminded of the dire need of Israel to acknowledge its failure in ensuring those promised in both the International Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of Independence of Israel itself.

  • Hiddush outraged by possibility of all-male committee for Rabbinic appointment
    Written by on 23/11/2011
    Suggested appointments for the Committee for Rabbinical Judges would leave the committee without female members, exacerbating and intensifying the already gender-discriminatory rabbinic court system

  • Boy’s club
    Written by on 23/11/2011
    Uri Regev against the proposed all-male committee to select rabbinic judges particularly because of the great impact these judges have on the plight of women.

  • All-Male committees
    Written by on 22/11/2011
    Rabbi Uri Regev speaks out against the slated all-male committee for appointing rabbinic judges, a further exclusion of women from public space

  • Most who will receive housing subsidies are ultra-Orthodox
    Written by on 24/07/2011
    More than half of housing subsidies will defacto be given to ultra-Orthodox residents, who make up less than 10% of the general population in Israel. Housing Minister Ariel Atias continues to design biased systems instead of fair ones.

  • Reform rabbi criticizes IDF conversion
    Written by on 28/06/2011
    Rabbi Regev states that it's not possible to make converts observant

  • Israelis Can Marry By Proxy
    Written by on 25/06/2011
    High Court continues to pave way towards civil marriage in Israel

  • Yeshiva Students Cheat Ministry
    Written by on 13/06/2011
    10,000 Yeshiva students have been playing hooky and bilking Israel’s Ministry of Education of NIS 4.5 million, according to a recent audit.

  • Religious Councils
    Written by on 01/05/2011
    Uri Regev comments on religious councils

  • Rabbi Uri Regev on NPR
    Written by on 25/04/2011
    Uri Regev quoted on kosher livestock feed


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