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  • The phenomenon of sex segregated bus lines is growing!
    Written by on 16/07/2015
    An ultra-Orthodox myth is that ultra-Orthodox women really want to sit in the back of the bus, so we shouldn’t interfere with the growing phenomenon of gender-segregated bus lines. However, ultra-Orthodox blogger Chani Weiser of B’nai Brak has recently come out publicly, challenging her community’s self-righteous claims. She does not want to sit at the back of the bus!

  • Hiddush expresses fury over gender-segregated shelters at rabbinical court
    Written by on 21/07/2014
    Gender segregation in the bomb shelter of an Ashdod Rabbinical Court building is a potentially fatal reminder of the need to criminalize the exclusion of women in the public sector.

  • Wave of gender segregation and harrasment on buses in Israel
    Written by on 21/02/2013
    Amidst continued gender segregation, Hiddush VP Shahar Ilan calls for investigations against "modesty" criminals.

  • Move on Back!
    Written by on 10/12/2012
    It has been a year since the uproar surrounding gender segregation and discrimination against women in Israel, yet the ugly phenomenon continues and grows, supposedly in the name of Judaism.

  • El-Al must not allow segregation on planes!
    Written by on 29/02/2012
    Hiddush successfully petitions El Al Airlines not to tolerate segregation on board

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