Thou shalt not work

The Haredi press is a barrier to the integration of the ultra-Orthodox into the job market.

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"The Haredi media depict the struggle to get yeshiva students to work as anti-Haredi. Yated Neeman presents the struggle to get Haredim into the workforce as a 'disgraceful plot' and as 'incitement' designed to undermine the Haredi lifestyle," says Shahar Ilan, vice president of research and information for Hiddush - For Religious Freedom and

A key barrier to Haredim joining the workforce is image

Equality. "Those who favor Haredi employment are portrayed as collaborators and false Haredim who are causing the destruction of Haredi society. The Haredi media contain almost no discussion of refraining from work as something negative. They rarely provide data, present them very selectively and choose the data that conform to Haredi propaganda."

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