Hiddush sponsored poll on marriage and conversion


61% of the Jewish public supports the recognition by the government of Israel of all types of marriages. This is a significant rise of 6% compared to the January Index (55%). Among the supporters of all types of marriage are 90% of secular people and 92% of immigrants. A survey of voting patterns of those supporting the recognition of all types of marriage shows the following: 87% are Kadima voters, 81% are Israel Beiteinu voters, 86% are Labor and Meretz voters, and 54% are Likud voters.

On many of the issues in the Religion and State Index, the dividing line is between Haredim and non-Haredim. On the issue of

61% of the Jewish public supports the recog

marriage and divorce the dividing line is between religious and non-religious. 96% of voters who support one of the Haredi parties and 82% of voters for the religious parties oppose the recognition of non-Orthodox marriages.

61% in favor of breaking the conversion monopoly

61% of the Jewish public supports breaking the Orthodox monopoly on conversion and supports state recognition of non-Orthodox conversion. This is a slight increase of one percent compared to the January survey (60%). 33% of the public also supports secular conversion. This finding has significance precisely because there is no existing framework for secular conversion. 52% of secular people and 58% of immigrants support secular conversion.

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