No Increase In Oversight of Yeshivas

Education minister promised half a year ago to beef up supervision at haredi schools, but nothing was done. No sign of new inspectors for the independent school networks


Shahar Ilan, vice president of the NGO Hiddush – For Religious Freedom and Equality (the Israeli arm of Hiddush – Religious Freedom for Israel), says that he sincerely hopes that the lack of supervision has nothing to do with the great outcry that arose in the haredi population upon learning that Saar planned to take a hard line: “The very objection to oversight raises the question: What does haredi education have to hide? The answer to this is for the inspectors to discover, and the sooner the better,” Ilan said. “The delay is very disturbing, and hopefully is not related to the heavy pressure that United Torah Judaism exerted.”

The Education Ministry said in response that the tenders were held up, but nevertheless there are dozens of candidates and new dates have been set for holding the tenders, the deadline for which is March 7.

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