Religious Struggles

This is the result of a survey published by the Smith Institute in September 2009, and commissioned by Hiddush – For Freedom of Religion in Israel.

Haredim throwing garbage Flash90Haredim throwing garbage Flash90

The survey was done using representative sample of 500 people from the adult Jewish population

76% of the Jewish public in Israel (and 93% of secular people) are convinced that the Haredi rabbis are conducting the religious struggles in Jerusalem with the intention of advancing narrow Haredi interests and only 24% are conviced that they are doing this out of love for the Jewish people and general concern. A decisive majority – 53%

the Haredi rabbis are conducting the religious struggles

– are convinced that the police are handling the Haredi demonstrations in Jerusalem too leniently, compared to only 11% who think that they are using excessive force.

Among those who think the police are dealing with the demonstrations too leniently are 65% of secular people, 50% of traditional people and a third of the religious. 74% of the public agree with the claim that Judaism unifies and the rabbis divide.

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