What do Israelis think: army service, budget cuts, and benefits

As a part of Hiddush's latest coverage of the 2013 Religion and State Index, this week, Rabbi Uri Regev discusses Israeli public opinion on the issues included in the struggle for equality in sharing the national burden.


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"Equality in sharing the national burden" is a cumbersome term that describes the one religion and state issue to make its way to the forefront of Israeli politics in the last few years. The media and policymakers often use this title to refer to drafting ultra-Orthodox men to the army, but the term includes integrating the ultra-Orthodox sector into Israeli society through education, employment and national service as well.
In the 2013 Religion and State Index, the issues that fall into the category of equality in sharing the burden enjoyed widespread support from the Israeli public. However, the study also indicates that Israelis are divided over whether the government is indeed able to draft ultra-Orthodox men without creating a serious rift in Israeli society.

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