MK Boaz Toporovsky speaks about freedom of marriage

MK Boaz Toporovksy speaks about the need to provide freedom of marriage and civil marriage for all Israelis!

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In an exclusive interview with Hiddush, MK Toporovsky spoke about the dire need for Israel to recognize civil marriages and for the state to allow Israelis to marry the person they desire in a ceremony that is congruent with their beliefs and conscience.

He is not alone! At the opening of the Knesset's winter session Justice Minister Tzipi Livni announced that she is promoting a bill to solve the problem of hundreds of thousands Israeli citizens who are unable to marry due to the Chief Rabbinate's strict restrictions on marriage and divorce. Finance Minister Yair Lapid also renewed his commitment to properly address Israel's marriage crisis.

We are well-aware that politicians are wont to make promises and often leave those promises behind. Hiddush is dedicated to holding Israeli leaders to their word and will ensure that they deliver what the public is clearly calling for! By raising public awareness and working together with other organizations and concerned individuals, we will continue to hear similarly positive sentiments about freedom of marriage from the Knesset dais.

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